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Swimming legend Conway signs up for Midmar

first_img6 January 2014Adventure athlete extraordinaire Sean Conway, after becoming the first and only man in history to swim the length of Britain in 2013, has confirmed his place in the 2014 Aquelle Midmar Mile.Now based in the United Kingdom, Conway was educated in KwaZulu-Natal, but his father Tony, a conservationist, remains in South Africa and has been at the forefront of the fight to save the rhino for 35 years. Basing his visit around the Midmar Mile, the younger Conway will do his bit to raise funds for the Save the Rhino campaign when he returns to South Africa.Saving the rhino video“The last time I was in South Africa, I did a Saving Rhino video, which can be found on YouTube and some of which was filmed at the Midmar Dam, titled ‘Sean Conway in Beckham Spoof for Saving Rhino’,” he explained. “This time I’d like to go and see some of the work that’s being done in the field.“I’d also like to go back to Hilton and Clifton, where I went to school, and see some of the teachers. Both of those schools very much promoted an adventurous childhood of building forts, camping wild and being outdoors. I owe a lot to them really.“I’ll also be looking into logistics for my length of Africa run in 2015. There is a lot to plan and I’m looking for South African companies and people to join the project. It’s very exciting.”A challengeTaking on the Midmar Mile is going to be a challenge, he admitted, even for someone that overcame jellyfish, 20-foot waves, testing tides, and bone-aching cold to complete the length of Britain swim. However, it won’t be his first experience of the event.“I can’t wait,” he enthused. “When I did the swim in 1996, I did it with my school Clifton and I remember the excitement as we all drove there in the bus. I remember all the butterflies as I was on the start line. Hopefully I won’t be as nervous this time, but doing all eight races for charity is going to be tough for me. I’m not a sprinter, so it’s going to be a very different type of swim than what I’m used to.”Since completing his incredible Swimming Britain challenge on 11 November, life has been a whirlwind for Conway, whose previous exploits include cycling around the world and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in a penguin suit. And just to add to those achievements, he did three-quarters of his epic cycle with a fractured back after being run over by a truck in the USA!‘Anything is possible’“I had no idea how much the swim would interest people,” he admitted. “It’s certainly captured people’s imagination and I’m currently doing talks, writing the book his fourth and helping people try and think a bit bigger and achieve what they thought couldn’t be done. I was constantly told Swimming Britain wasn’t possible and it just shows that with the right attitude, preparation, and a little bit of luck, anything is possible.”In an interesting twist, the huge red beard Conway grew to help counteract jellyfish stings during his big swim became a media sensation in its own right. It has since been shaved off – for charity, what else? – but he insists it is on its way back, which will ensure that he will be an easy man to identify at the world’s largest open water swimming event.The Aquelle Midmar Mile takes place on 8 and 9 February 2014. A significant fund- raiser for charities, it is an event for everyone and participants include swimmers with multiple disabilities through to Olympic champions and world record holders.last_img read more

Why the ugly soybeans?

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Luke Schulte, Beck’s HybridsFor many farmers across Ohio, soybean yields have been good to great, but the soybean quality has not been as promising. Uncharacteristically warm temperatures along with high rainfall and humidity as the soybeans matured led to some ugly looking soybeans this fall. From disease to insect feeding and compromised pods, there are many factors that have taken a toll on soybean seed quality this year.DiseaseThe unseasonably warm temperatures and high humidity during late August and September led to a significant frogeye leaf spot (FLS) infection on the soybean pods themselves. Typically, we think of this disease as more damaging to soybean vegetation. However, with extremely high volumes of inoculum present, along with a favorable environment, pods were infected as well. As the FLS lesions continued to develop, they not only penetrated the pod wall infecting the soybeans, but also weakened or thinned the pod walls, allowing moisture to move into the pod cavity. Varieties more susceptible to vegetative infection of FLS had increased pod infection with the heightened inoculum levels.Insect damageStink bugs are a pest that we have seen for quite some time but may not have always felt like they had any impact on our yields. While that may be somewhat accurate, when it comes to soybean quality it’s a different story. Since stink bugs are typically not problematic until later in the growing season (near the R5 growth stage) it’s less likely to cause as much yield damage as earlier arriving pests or pathogens that hit at the R2 or R3 gorwth stage. Stink bugs are not “chewing” insects as they have piercing-sucking mouthparts. They cause injury to soybeans by puncturing pods and sucking fluid from the developing soybeans. Often times this leads to shriveled, light-weight soybeans. The injured pods allowed moisture from the excessive rainfall to contact the plants, resulting in soft, discolored soybeans.Some of these same fields that experienced poor soybean seed quality recieved a fungicide/insecticide application at or around the R3 growth stage. So why didn’t these applications seem to make a difference? Many of the fungicide products we use today provide approximately three to four weeks of activity. It’s likey that too much time elapsed between the R3 fungicide application in mid- to late-July to provide significant fungal suppression in late August and September. The R3 growth stage application may have also reduced inoculum levels, but overall protection could not be expected as the soybeans were near maturity. Also, as referenced above, stink bug populations typically do not cause significant impact until much later, around R5, or the beginning of seed fill. By this time the insecticide component had already run its course in terms of effectiveness.Compromised or open podsDuring the month of July, much of Ohio experienced drier growing conditions. This is when many early-planted soybeans began pod formation. Hot, dry weather throughout the month of July, followed by average to above average rainfall in August and early September caused soybean cavities to be disproportional to soybean seed size. Adequate to excessive rainfall led to very large soybean size in many cases, resulting in stretched pods that allowed moisture to enter. Lastly, many soybeans harvested in late September and early October had been mature for some time, but field conditions prevented us from harvesting them. This resulted in ripped and broken soybean pod sutures (pod seams) from the continued wetting and drying cycles.For many Ohio farmers, Mother Nature was kind in terms of overall yields in 2018. However, she also dealt some rough hands as the growing season concluded, resulting in less than desirable soybean seed quality.last_img read more

The Perks of a PremiumBeat Member Account

first_imgBesides being free and easy to make, there are a ton of benefits to creating a PremiumBeat member account. Let me show you a few.Image via ShutterstockA lot of us here at PremiumBeat are video professionals just like you. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to make your job easier. Not just by throwing daily video tips up on the blog… It carries over to the “royalty free music marketplace” part of our job, too. We’re constantly testing ways to improve your experience on the site, and we get a real kick out of finding little ways to improve your workflow and make your process more efficient.And that’s why I can’t stress this enough: You absolutely should have an official PremiumBeat member account. It’s a simple move that can save you a lot of time and speed up the way you work. A PremiumBeat member account is packed with features that were designed with one goal in mind: making your life easier. Let’s take a quick tour of some of the great benefits that come with signing up.1. Easily Download Your Licenses and InvoicesAlthough it’s an option to purchase licenses on our website as a guest, we always recommend creating a member account for myriad reasons. For one, your account allows you to log in from any computer in the world and access your order history. If you need a copy of your license on the go or while traveling, you can rest assured that your member account has your back.For a PDF invoice or license, log in to your PremiumBeat account. Place your pointer over your email address (top right of your screen) and select Orders & Downloads from the drop-down menu. In the Order History area, click on the appropriate Order ID or the Order Details button. Once in the order, you’ll see a Download Invoice/License PDF button. This will generate a PDF invoice or license.2. Faster CheckoutPurchasing new licenses as a member is a time-saver because you can choose to store your credit card or PayPal information in your account. Skip the step of manually entering your payment information for every purchase and put that time towards your project instead.3. Edit Past InvoicesBesides merely accessing your documentation, you can also edit the information in it. If you need your invoice to show a different address or name, you can simply modify or add the information in your account’s Info & Billing tab and immediately download an updated invoice.4.Playlists and FavoritesImage via ShutterstockAs a member, you can save your favorite tracks or organize them into playlists. Save a track to your favorites list by clicking the heart icon to the right of the track title. If you need to make a list of potential tracks for your project to present to a colleague or client, the playlist feature is perfect. Use the Share button to send a shortened link or an email. If a track works, the listener can purchase a license directly after listening.5. Upgrading LicensesWe recently rolled out an exciting new feature for our members: license upgrades. Did your online-only spot get picked up for TV broadcast? Now you can add extended coverage to your Standard License through your member account by hovering over your email address at the top of the page and selecting Orders & Downloads from the drop-down menu. Select the order containing the license you wish to upgrade, then click Upgrade License from the order details page. Finally, simply select the license(s) you wish to purchase and proceed through checkout.If you have any questions about making a PremiumBeat member account or any of our license offerings, we are only an email away. Happy listening!last_img read more

Patna’s more-than-a-century-old heritage market demolished for Smart City project

first_imgThe over 100-year-old Gole Market, a unique heritage building constructed as Patna’s first planned municipal market, has been demolished by local authorities as part of a Smart City project. The demolition work began on Friday and by Sunday the historic landmark, located in the heart of Bihar’s capital and endowed with beautiful red-tiled roof, was reduced to a skeletal shell.“The Gole Market was demolished as part of a major redevelopment project of the railway station area under the Smart City initiative. Other markets lining the streets are also being knocked down as part of the mega project,” Patna Municipal Commissioner Anupam Kumar Suman told PTI. As part of this Smart City project, the now-dismantled Gole Market, located near Patna Junction, will make way for a seven-storeyed commercial complex and a modern municipal market along with a vending zone will come up in the area adjoining the Station Road, he said. Popularly known as Gole Market, among the local people, it was Patna’s first planned municipal market designed by architect Joseph Fearis Munnings while he was planning the layout of the ‘New Capital’ city of colonial Patna after the creation of the new province of Bihar and Orissa in 1912. Despite the historical value of the building, the demolition drew feeble protest from citizens of the city, but many people in Patna are angered by the move. “This is just madness. It was a historical building and should have been preserved. But, instead of restoring and reusing it as a cafe or something, the corporation razed it,” said city-based researcher and author Arun Singh.“One by one the local government is knocking down heritage buildings in the city. This is an attempt to erase the colonial history of Patna in the name of development,” he alleged. In December last year, the 133-year-old Anjuman Islamia Hall, perhaps the first public hall of Patna, was demolished to make way for a modern complex. The heritage market had faced decades of neglect and its occupant shopkeepers had been feeling the shadow of the wrecking ball for years as local authorities had planned a redevelopment project much earlier, a local shopkeeper, who did not wish to be named, said. “My grandfather had a meat shop in it during the British time, and elite of the city would come in their cars to buy meat, fish, chicken, eggs, grocery and milk. It should have been preserved,” he said. City-based 84-year-old architect and INTACH Patna Chapter Convener J.K. Lall also expressed shock and anger over the demolition of Gole Market.“It was a unique single-storeyed building with a raised central hexagonal core topped with elegant red-tiled roof and two flanks came out of it and again it was topped with red tiles of the colonial-era Burn & Co. It was a perfect building and a perfect setting for a heritage cafe,” he told PTI.“Smart City also means preserving our architectural legacy and not just building new ones,” he said. PMC Commissioner Suman, when asked why the building was demolished, said, the Gole Market was “coming in the middle” of the layout of the Smart City project plan.“There were suggestions made to us by a few heritage lovers to preserve the building and reuse it as a cafe. We tried but the market structure was coming in the way of the plan. So, we had no option left but to knock it down,” he said.“Also, besides the fact that it was designed 100 years ago by Munnings as the first municipal market, there was not much heritage value to it. And, sometimes we have to lose something old to build a new, better future,” the municipal commissioner said. However, the iron shell of the building and whatever can be salvaged will be stored and later reused in a new gazebo at the site, Suman said. “That gazebo will be built with new material and old material from the dismantled Gole Market. We are trying to look into our archives to know about the history of the building, which along with old pictures would be displayed there, so that people will know there was a Gole Market here,” he said. Retired bureaucrat R.N. Dash, who served as the district magistrate of Patna from 1972-74 and Divisional Commissioner from 1983-85, said the demolition was a “wrong move” and that restoration and proper rehabilitation of local shopkeepers should have been planned instead. “The overall master plan should have ensured the preservation of the market and other heritage buildings, and Smart City project should have factored that in. Converting it into a cafe was a good idea and people coming to these complexes would have visited too, so it was a win-win situation,” he said. Ironically, Gole Market was also listed as a heritage building in a 2008 Bihar goverment publication — Patna: A Monumental History. Mr. Singh, whose book Patna – Khoya Hua Shahar came out early this year, talks about the history and glory days of this market, located in what is termed officially as the New Market area, falling between the railway station rotary and the Patna GPO roundabout. “In its heydays, it had a rose garden around it and six routes leading to it from the streets around it.“British people including European women would visit there as would the Indians in their cars. Instead of restoring old charm, as done world over, Patna is wilfully destroying its own heritage,” he rued.last_img read more