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“After the threat from UEFA, on April 15 they decide whether or not to suspend the Belgian league”

first_imgHow is the confinement in Belgium?I’m not complaining, here we have the difference that we can go outside to do our exercise and take walks. We are better than in Spain.Do you miss not having spent this whole story at home with your family?Of course, family and friends are missed, but this situation has had to be experienced in Belgium and we have dealt with it as well as possible. We usually talk by video call every day, they are all fine. I’m at least that lucky.The first European league to announce that it is canceled due to the coronavirus was the Belgian one, what have you been told about that?As far as I know, from the club we have been told that the league continues, because although in a meeting they decided to suspend it, then UEFA threatened not to give them a place to play in Europe, so on April 15 there is another meeting and it will be decided there what finally happens to the belgian league. Right now it’s not entirely canceled.But when they give them the news that they are suspending the league and how does it stay?In the situation we live in today it did not seem strange to me, since we only had one more day to play in the regular league, and then there was the playoff to play the European competitions, which were six games. So it didn’t surprise me much. I did think that we would play that last day and leave the playoff for when it was fixed. But it was not like that. It is true that some teams played the relegation and others had the fight to go to that European playoff.Canceling the league meant ending his loan at Eupen, although in his case for a match nothing happens, right?In our case we were saved in the absence of three days and we did not risk anything, we had nothing to do. So it is true that a little sports I did not care.What did the rest of your classmates say? What was commented among the players?At first, people, not knowing the situation very well, the truth was that they happened a little, but we, knowing what was happening in Spain, were more concerned. But then they understood it and nobody made much trouble.Is there fear in Belgium over the UEFA threat?Well, I don’t think so. Because I don’t think it was a good decision for UEFA to threaten the leagues, but everyone does what they want. In my opinion it was not a good performance.Are you surprised that in Spain they do not consider canceling the season and there in Belgium, where everything is not so serious, is it already suspended?Here is that at the end of very little season, you can understand more, because I don’t think anything would happen. But what happens in Spain is worse, because more days are missing and there are more things to decide, so it does not surprise me that they want to end the season, even with matches every two or three days, and even behind closed doors. But I am nobody to decide things like that. That is marked by those who command. Jon Bautista (Renteria, 3-07-1995) went to Belgium last summer in search of the minutes he was not going to have at Real Sociedad. What he did not expect is that his first experience away from home, on loan at KAS Eupen, would end with a global pandemic, because the Belgian league has been the first to announce its cancellation due to the coronavirus. His first experience was this one having everything …You are right. It has coincided that this global pandemic touches me, but it has touched this way and at least we are here better.And what is your assessment of your year in Belgium?Lovely. It has been good for me to learn different things, I have played in different positions and I haven’t done that since I was a cadet. I have not scored many goals, but I have given assists and I have been able to learn to play in the bands or in the attacking midfielder, and the truth is that I will become a more complete player.The objective was to leave to return to Zubieta with a place in the first team?I wanted to accumulate minutes and gain confidence. I have had the opportunity to play many games. This season has made me a more complete player. Its been a good year.But it has been difficult for him to get a place in the first team, especially in attack, it is a highly valued position …Of course, the year that Willian José and Isak are doing has already been seen, they are two very good forwards, and it is a very big competition. But I have a contract with Real, I will start the preseason with them and I will give everything to have the option to stay.Is that your idea today and not look for another assignment?Of course, both Real and I decided to go out this year with the aim of becoming a better player to return to next year and get a place in the first squad.Have they told you anything from Real yet?We were not done here yet, so it was not the time to contact me, but seeing this situation, after the meeting on April 15, they will contact me to tell me something.How was the contact during the year with Real?He has been continuous with Imanol Agirretxe, who has come to Eupen several times to comment on things and then Roberto Olabe has called or written to me as well. I have felt that heat of the Real, although it has been outside. They have always been in contact with me.Does Agirretxe’s experience take it into account? Because he also had a hard time making a place for himself in the first team …Yes, it is important to have him close. Because it was not easy either, it was difficult for him to come and he tells me his experience, he helps me a lot and tells me to be calm, because at Real they are happy with my season. At Real, moreover, the position of striker is always very difficult, because the club bets every season with an outside striker. But working every day I will have the opportunity, and Imanol has always told me that with work and effort everything can be achieved.How are you seeing this Real de Imanol who is fourth in the league and is in the Cup final?Well, I’m really enjoying it. Because seeing Real now every day is a joy, because it is the team that plays the best in the league. It is impossible to get bored with a Real game, and they have achieved things that Donosti did not achieve in a long time. I am very happy for my colleagues.Were you surprised by what they are doing?Well, if I’m honest with you, no. Because I already knew what my colleagues were capable of, and then those who have come have performed at a great level. I had no doubt about the high level of this template.How much would it give if they made me a card for a day with this Real and be able to be in the Cup final?(Laughs) A lot. All. Everyone would like to be in that Cup final. But since I can’t play, better not think about that good dream.last_img read more