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Lindeners march against all forms of violence

first_imgAs the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC) organized “Speak out, Speak up” march to end violence against women and children across the country got underway on Saturday, the message was clear: “No form of violence against women or children is acceptable”.Led by Linden Mayor Waneka Arrindell, the march commenced at the Bayroc Community Centre Ground and culminated at the Georgetown minibus park. In the spotlight was the newly formed community group ‘Fix her crown’, formed by a group of young women from Linden with the aim of lending support to persons affected by any form of abuse and domestic violence.In her address to the gathering, Arindell urged the community to stand together to “secure our children and look out for our families and friends” in the quest to stand against all forms of violence.She urged women not to be silent on the issue, as she pointed out that the LM&TC is working to create a safe home for affected women.“Women, speak out, speak up…The law is there for the lawless, and so let the law do what it has to do. Do not be afraid”, she urged.Linden Councillor Nikeza Noel also urged men to lead by positive example, and women to stand together against abuse.“Each woman has a story. We need to take the time to listen to that story… Tonight, women, arise! We will stand together, against every form of violence against our women and our girls… Today, women, take pride in what we’ve accomplished so far. I say thank you to the men who would have stood and taken up their positions, and (I say to them) you have taken care of us…,” she noted.Speaking on behalf of the Muslim community, Brother Jafar Mohamed called for stricter punishment for crimes against women. He pointed out that men are failing to properly take care of women. “…what we’re seeing today in society is as a result of us as men failing to liberate ourselves…in order to deal (with) and handle a woman properly…This failure, it has to do with spirituality, it has to do with economics, it has to do with morality, it has to do with social life.“We, as men, fail to prepare ourselves in a holistic way. Hence, when a woman enters our lives, we don’t know how to handle her properly”, he noted.Mohamed said that while it takes a village to raise a child, today’s community is doing something wrong. He added that when a woman is disrespected, an entire community is also disrespected.Meanwhile, Manager of the Gender- Based Bureau within the Ministry of Social Protection reiterated that no form of violence is acceptable, whether in schools, relationships, or in the home. He said the Social Protection Ministry, over the past 3 years, has implemented a number of programmes to address domestic and sexual violence.He encouraged all to get on board, noting that it cannot be a one-sided approach, and that no one should be alienated as it relates to sexual and domestic violence. He added that one of his tasks this year is to address the issue of negative masculinity, and he stressed that everyone has a role to play. He further urged women to report first instances of abuse, and everyone to be their neighbour’s keeper.last_img read more

Marijuana the Feds Allow for Research Is More Like Hemp Than RealLife

first_img –shares Marijuana the Feds Allow for Research Is More Like Hemp Than Real-Life Pot 3 min read One of the major complaints from marijuana researchers in recent years is that cannabis grown for research purposes is, to put it bluntly, basically skunk weed.Now, a new study from researchers at the University of Northern Colorado offers science to back up that claim. They found that marijuana from the federal facility is genetically closer to hemp than it is to the weed for sale at your local dispensary. That’s a problen because, as the researchers wrote, “These results suggest that subjects consuming research grade marijuana may experience different effects than average consumers.”It’s like test driving a Honda to find out what it’s like to drive a BMW.Related: Hemp vs. Marijuana: Why Can’t Cops Tell Them Apart?Marijuana from Ole Miss.The University of Mississippi is the only place licensed by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration to grow marijuana for research purposes. That’s because marijuana remains a Schedule I illegal drug in the eyes of the federal government.The school recently celebrated its 50th anniversary of having the contract with the government to grow research-grade marijuana. In an article on the school website late in 2018 about the anniversary, the school’s pharmacy dean said the university “has done an outstanding job of working within federal guidelines to produce cannabis products that are standardized for scientific research.”The University of North Colorado study, however, found that research at the school, which is funded by the National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH/NIDA), is producing cannabis that is “genetically divergent” from commercial cannabis.The researchers investigated the genetics of research cannabis because previous studies already had found THC and cannabinoid levels in research marijuana were less than that found in cannabis purchased legally in Colorado, Washington and California.The Washington Post reported that while marijuana is supposed to have 13 percent THC, tests show research-grade marijuana had about 8 percent.Related: Will Medical Cannabis Sales Eventually Surpass Recreational Sales?More fuel for the fire.The study offers more research to support the ongoing effort to get the DEA to license more facilities to grow research-grade marijuana.The DEA had started procedures to license more facilities during the Obama Administration, but none had been awarded as of early April. Frustrated researchers have sent photos of research weed they have been given that looks more like lawn clippings than actual marijuana — and that was two years ago.Both the Justice Department and DEA officials told Vox they either had no update on the program or were working through the issue, without further explanation. Meanwhile, researchers continue to worry that without proper marijuana to test, consumers still don’t have a clear idea on the effects and potential health treatments available with cannabis.Follow dispensaries.com on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest cannabis news. Marijuana If you bought this at a dispensary, you’d demand your money back. Image credit: CasarsaGuru | Getty Images Easy Search. Quality Finds. Your partner and digital portal for the cannabis community. Add to Queue Guest Writer Next Article dispensaries.com April 16, 2019 Download Our iOS App Free Green Entrepreneur App Keep up with the latest trends and news in the cannabis industry with our free articles and videos, plus subscribe to the digital edition of Green Entrepreneur magazine. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more