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first_imgSign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.The Change UK/The Independent Group/TIG/#Change/The Remain Alliance launch ahead of the European elections dominated news and the politico twittersphere yesterday. The band of ex-Labour and Tory MPs had hinted that big names were on the list of selected candidates, but many were disappointed by the reveal, which consisted of Rachel Johnson (sister of Boris and Jo), former Newsnight presenter Gavin Esler and prolific tweeter Frances Weetman.The real problem for this ‘#FBPErs Assemble’ project is that, while calling itself ‘the Remain alliance’, it is refusing to cooperate with other anti-Brexit parties. And today, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party – set to do very well in the Euro elections according to some polling – has snagged new candidate Ann Widdecombe, adored by Conservative members as someone who has opposed abortion and supported the death penalty. No wonder Tory MP demands for Theresa May to quit sharpish are getting louder.The other, more positive development was headed by young climate change activist Greta Thunberg. “Is the microphone really on? Did you hear me? Is my English OK? Because I’m beginning to wonder,” she started her speech in parliament. Afterwards, she met Jeremy Corbyn in a round table discussion that the Prime Minister failed to attend. The Labour leader promised to “support and engage with youth climate actions” and kick start a “Green Industrial Revolution” in government. It seems like a good idea for Corbyn to go on environmental issues at PMQs this afternoon.In more good policy news from Labour, housing spokesman John Healey is announcing an important move today. The party will scrap ‘permitted development rules’, which have allowed developers to turn office and industrial buildings into residential homes without proper planning permission. This has led to ‘rabbit hutch’ flats just a few feet wide – and, incredibly, none of them even have to be affordable. The government says the loophole helps people achieve home ownership, but as Healey rightly says: “To fix the housing crisis, we need more genuinely affordable, high-quality homes”. Not expensive slum housing.Cross-party Brexit talks will continue today, featuring John McDonnell and Philip Hammond. The idea of holding another referendum could come up, as they are both thought to be more supportive of it than their leaders. But a focus on customs union membership and post-Brexit trade deals is more certain. In a piece for LabourList today, Global Justice Now’s Nick Dearden argues it isn’t the EU that presents the biggest threat to Labour’s public ownership plans, but post-Brexit trade deals. It’s an accessible and interesting read. Although Labour members are most vocal about freedom of movement in the current Brexit debate, discussion about the UK-EU future relationship will soon shift to controversial consequences of TTIP-style proposals. The Shadow Chancellor might find such concerns worth raising this afternoon.Sign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.Tags:John Healey /John McDonnell /Jeremy Corbyn /The Independent Group /Change UK /Greta Thunberg /last_img read more

Traffic Calming Measures Near School Deemed Successful

first_img 0% A study of traffic data around Marshall Elementary declared the city’s first “home zone,” established there in 2014 to calm traffic, a resounding success.“This home zone project is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when streets are designed to be family-friendly. Not only was the most dangerous driving behavior addressed — speed — but walking, wheelchair rolling and bicycling to school skyrocketed,” said Nicole Ferrara, executive director of Walk San Francisco in a statement issued by the SFMTA.The raised crosswalks, of which eight were installed, force drivers to slow down when they mount and then cross an intersection. Sidewalk bulbouts shorten the distance pedestrians need to travel to cross a street – three of them were installed at Capp and 15th streets.“Two things that made this a good place to pilot SF’s first home zone was documented speeding and documented cut-through traffic that we were seeing,” said Jose, referring to drivers who cut through residential neighborhoods to avoid main thoroughfares. The San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority established the zone partly as the result of frequent complaints about speeding cars and data that indicated a high rate of collisions. The zone, from 14th to 16th streets along South Van Ness and Mission streets, includes portions of Capp, Minna, Natoma, and Adair streets.Since the traffic calming measures were implemented, the transit authority has found that average speeds have dropped to less than 20 miles per hour throughout the area, people report feeling safer, and pedestrian traffic is up 20 percent. Both before and after the measures were implemented, the city set up tube counters across the road and sent staffers to count pedestrians.The last five-year collision report, measured from 2004 to 2009, indicates that 35 vehicle collisions occurred in the treated area. Thirty of those resulted in an injury, three involved a pedestrian, and three involved a bicyclist. ‘Home zones’ were originated in the Netherlands and have been implemented in the UK as well as in New York City, said Ben Jose, an SFMTA spokesperson, as areas in which infrastructure is designed to encourage pedestrian use and safety. “You have visual cues that make you slow down while you’re driving, which is really valuable when you’re driving near Marshall Elementary or near an area where there’s a lot of families and residents,” Jose said. But the measures in this area go beyond the visual, physically forcing drivers to slow down. Using $300,000 of Proposition K funding, the city installed three speed bumps, painted ‘edgelines’, which are painted on the street to narrow travel lanes to encourage drivers to reduce speeds, reduced lanes on 15th Street, added raised crosswalks, and constructed three bulbouts.The city is also at work in the high collision corridor that is South Van Ness, having already installed painted safety zones, limit lines, and upgraded crosswalks between 17th and 22nd streets, as well as installing pedestrian countdown signals at 21st and 22nd streets. In 2016, the agency will add countdown signals along South Van Ness between 15th and 20th streets. For those who notice dangerous behaviors on their street and would like to see similar measures implemented in their neighborhood, Jose suggested applying with the city for calming measures. Though this year’s round is closed, information about the application process can be found online. An an application requires signatures from 20 neighbors.    center_img Tags: public safety • SFMTA • traffic Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Gallardos Classic Mexican

first_imgGallardo’s was new to me, but certainly not to the Mission. They’d been around for 17 years at their old address on Folsom, and four years now at their new space on 18th Street and Shotwell. The current restaurant still looks new — all bright and bold in primary reds and yellows, framing the black-and-white photographs of glamorous Mexican stars of days gone by. Look at the structural integrity of that masa! Laden as it is with cheese and crema, it still managed to maintain texture and flavor. I absolutely loved the many contrasting textures and the corny taste. Even the greens were good in this, instead of being an afterthought. The only bummer was that they were out of guac! All their avocados were too green that evening, our server told us.That dish easily could have been my main. But no.I had flautas (“flutes”), or what I knew as “taquitos” growing up.Flautas. In my experience, in Mexican restos in L.A. and Orange County, flautas were always made with flour tortillas, and taquitos with corn. I’m not sure that distinction holds up anymore, nor everywhere. But I made sure these were corn. I must say, I really missed the guacamole on these, as they were a little too crisply fried for me and could have used some softening. Still, they were tasty enough. I managed to eat one taquito while the BF ate the other two, but I demolished most of the gordita. The rice was more flavorful tonight, and the salsa was still killer hot.BF had carne asada “a caballo”:Carne asada al caballo. 0% The chips are warm and fresh-tasting, and the salsa is FIERY. Like, I had to stop eating it after the eighth chip. But it’s a good pain, one you crave again 10 minutes later.The BF ordered the Guadalajara combo dinner.Guadalajara dinner . This delectable mountain of Mexican standards consisted of a chile relleno, red chicken enchilada and a carne asada crispy taco. In one fell swoop, all your cheese requirements met for the day. Cheese, creamy goodness.I ordered the milanesa:Milanesa.center_img Outside, even the sidewalk is festive, with painted flowers entwining the tables and chairs set out for lunch. Even though the space is newish, the feel is still of an institution, a family-run legacy. The Gallardos, headed by owner Juan Gallardo, all pitch in to run the family empire, and this warm spot serves up home cooking to its customers, old and new.First off, they bring killer chips and salsa to the table. Caballo means horse, but what they actually mean here is “mounted,” as in, a steak mounted with two eggs). The steak is hard to see under all that eggy loveliness, but it’s there. Thin cut, but beefy. Such comfort food. Especially nice when eaten with their refreshing sangria.Ay, Dios Mio! It was all so good, we brought home NO leftovers this time. This was no easy feat, as the portions are huge.Gallardo’s serves breakfast all day, which makes me very happy. Another thing I like about this place is that it’s a real Mexican restaurant, not a taqueria — even though they do sell tacos and burritos. They’re also rather famous for their sopas, and I’m dying to try the ultimate hangover cure, the menudo. Lots of seafood items, too.Gallardo’s is the type of place you bring your family to, and know they’ll make you feel like you’re part of their family. Gracias, familia Gallardo!Gallardo’s3248 18th St., San Francisco, CA, 94110415-436-9387CASH ONLY Served with fries, because, carbs!Milanesa is a breaded and fried steak — here, it’s offered as a chicken or beef option (I went with beef). Super crispy! The guacamole that came with both our dishes was chunky and very flavorful. Unfortunately, that night the rice was somewhat bland, but the beans were delicious. But once you mix the beans in with the rice and add some of that painfully delicious salsa, nothing will taste bland. Too much food meant the BF got to have Dinner Part 2 later that evening.I vowed to go back extra-hungry the next time.For our second visit, we split a gordita — masa disk filled with refried black beans, griddled, and we opted for the chorizo and egg topping:Gordita. Tags: restaurant reviews Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Longtime Police Commissioner Joe Marshall is out — again

first_imgJoe Marshall, who served on the San Francisco Police Commission for 14 years, will serve no longer. The Board of Supervisors voted 8-3 on Tuesday to reject Mayor Mark Farrell’s nomination of Marshall to the commission, which sets the San Francisco Police Department’s policy and conducts disciplinary hearings for its officers. Marshall’s latest rejection followed a 6-5 Board of Supervisors downvote of both Marshall and his fellow mayoral appointee, Sonia Melara, in May. Melara consequently decided not to seek reappointment. Marshall and Melara were considered to be more middle-of-the-road on police reform issues. Both voted recently to approve Tasers. Following Tuesday’s vote, Marshall said he was satisfied with his accomplishments on the board. He said he had recently itemized those accomplishments: the adjudication some 160 disciplinary cases, and the passage of some 37 police department policies — including body-worn cameras and a revised use-of-force policy.   Email Address Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter “I looked at it and I was like, ‘Wow — that’s a lot of stuff we were able to do,’” he told Mission Local.  He noted, too, that use-of-force incidents are down, as are citizen complaints. Asked whether he was eyeing other positions in City Hall, he laughed. “I’m happy to be out of commission limbo,” he said. “Right now, just let me work with my kids.”  He is the executive director and co-founder of the Omega Boys Club, a 30-year-old violence-prevention program. Some, however, believe Marshall’s departure was long overdue. “The reality is, 14 years on the Police Commission is an extraordinarily long time,” said John Crew, a police reform advocate who recommended the board not reappoint the longtime commissioner. Crew thanked Marshall for his service, but also said he had been sluggish when it came to reform and was too cozy with the SFPD’s union, the San Francisco Police Officers Association. “This is not his first reform rodeo,” Crew said, noting a common refrain of Marshall’s that “reform takes time.”  He noted that Marshall had overseen an initial review of the SFPD by the Police Executive Research Forum in 2008. “It didn’t get fully implemented,” Crew said. “And that’s why we have the Department of Justice  coming in.” Marshall responded to the criticism saying that he’s always been fair: “I’m not partial to the POA. I’m not partial the ACLU. I’m not partial to anyone.”Still, Crew said “We need fresh thinking, we need urgency, we need a degree of intolerance for how long this is taking.”center_img Tags: Board of Supervisors • police Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% 0%last_img read more

EnglandAlex Walmsley made his debut in Englands 2

first_imgEnglandAlex Walmsley made his debut in England’s 29-10 win over the Lebanon. The forward had been ruled out of the opener with Australia due to a virus which saw him being placed on a drip. James Roby was rested for the match whilst Jonny Lomax missed out through injury. Mark Percival still waits his introduction to the tournament.WalesMorgan Knowles scored a try in Wales’ disappointing 72-6 loss to Fiji. Regan Grace also played in the defeat that ends Welsh hopes of progression.ScotlandThe Bravehearts still have a chance of progressing in the World Cup, but they will have to beat Samoa this weekend. They suffered a 74-6 loss to New Zealand at the weekend. Luke Douglas appeared in the game and was the Scots’ top tackler.FranceLike Scotland, Theo Fages’ France have a chance of qualifying if they beat England, and Australia defeat the Lebanon this weekend. Even then, points’ difference is more than likely to see them miss out. Fages captained the French in their 52-6 loss to the hosts.IrelandKyle Amor and Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook continued their excellent World Cup performances in Ireland’s narrow 14-6 loss to PNG. They will have to beat Wales by a significant margin and hope PNG slip up against the winless USA to progress. Even then, points’ difference is likely to keep them out of the quarter finals.last_img read more

His side reversed an 1810 deficit with four tries

first_imgHis side reversed an 18-10 deficit with four tries in 15 minutes to win 34-18 and take home the Steve Prescott Cup.“We always knew it would be a tough game and we did really well to lead at half time,” he said. “We were in a tough spot in the second half but to the players’ credit they dug deep, turned it around and came away with a good win.“We are obviously playing well with where we sit and we’re playing for the full 80. We stuck in there and got some opportunities. When we did we were good enough to take them and it was great to watch.“It was a good win in the end.”Jonny Lomax scored a brace in the victory and Holbrook said he was the difference.He continued: “He has been fantastic for the last five or six weeks. He plays well whether he is at six or at one and he did that again tonight.“We’re happy with where we sit, are playing well and we want to keep it that way. But we know there is a long way to go.”last_img read more

Tommy Makinson and Mark Percival talk about their

first_imgTommy Makinson and Mark Percival talk about their Dream Team inclusion and look ahead to this Thursday’s Betfred Super League Semi Final with Warrington. Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.The podcast is in association with Wish FM.Subscribe!To subscribe to our Podcast, click here or search St Helens RFC Podcasts on iTunes.You can also listen on Stitcher too. Click here to find out more.last_img read more


first_imgToday is the DAY! This evening the Saints and Wolves will go to WAR…The attendance for the Betfred Super League clash is heading towards topping the highest attendance between to the two clubs at the Totally Wicked Stadium.The current highest attendance figure stands at 15,523 set back in 2012 and that record is likely to be topped tonight.The Totally Wicked North Stand has limited capacity remaining in most blocks, with the Hattons Solicitors West Stand also very limited.The map below show areas with limited availability and just single seats remaining.PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO DEMAND, PAY ON THE GATE TICKETS ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO BE AVAILABLE. WE ADVISE FANS TO BOOK ONLINE BEFORE THE MATCH TO SECURE YOUR TICKET!Warrington Wolves have also sold over 3,000 tickets to add to what is sure to be an incredible atmosphere!Don’t miss out on this top of the table, highly charged match-up to decide who will stand at the summit of the Betfred Super League table after 10 rounds.Secure your ticket by clicking here or calling into the Ticket Office at the Totally Wicked Stadium (open until 5pm today) or by calling 01744 455052.last_img read more

First United flights out of ILM take off to Chicago DC

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The first United Airlines flights from Wilmington to Chicago O’Hare and Washington Dulles took off Monday.Officials from ILM Airport, United, and local leaders all came together to celebrate the new travel options and talked about what they think it will mean for the Port City’s future.- Advertisement – “This is the welcoming point for our region and we want to hug and embrace everybody that comes here for business, for pleasure, for tourism,” New Hanover County Commission Chairman Woody White said.Wilmington mayor Bill Saffo said, “We are worldwide connections, Julie [Wilsey] says. We are worldwide, we have United, Delta, and American. What a great thing we have going on here.”Not only will travelers have new places to go, but United created jobs by coming to ILM.Related Article: Chemours will not hold public meeting in New Hanover County“They hired 22 employees, most of which are local employees who interviewed in Wilmington at the Hilton and they did training for three weeks,” airport director Julie Wilsey said. “They’re here and they’ll be United employees now.”O’Hare and Dulles are United hubs, so the new nonstop flights will unlock a variety of connections to the west coast and international cities.“This will allow our business travelers and our leisure travelers either a nonstop to those hubs or a nonstop that gets them to an international gateway or cities beyond Chicago and Dulles, so it’s really important to have all three network carriers and give our customers the opportunity and choice,” Wilsey said.Wilsey said the airport is exploring more flight options to places like Denver, Boston, Newark, and Orlando.last_img read more

Cavein closes stretch of River Rd in Wilmington

first_img Traffic is being diverted off of River Road onto Sunnyvale Drive and Raleigh Street.Work to repair the cave-in will begin Sunday morning. A city spokesman says the work should should wrap up in the next 2-3 days.The city spokesman says all the recent rain is to blame for the cave-in. More than 15 inches of rain have been reported at Wilmington International Airport in the past three weeks. Ground around the region is saturated, and several areas have flooded. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The City of Wilmington says a section of River Road is closed because of a cave-in.According to a news release late Saturday night River Road between Sunnyvale Drive and Raleigh Street is now closed to traffic due to the cave-in.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Leland residents rescued from flooding

first_img Neighbors reported water coming into their homes, and one man feared that all of his furniture and his vehicles were ruined.One woman, who had to be put into an ambulance due to medical issues, says she’s thankful she got out safe.“Everybody here has pulled together, the community is amazing. It’s just, it’s overwhelming. When you’re going through this horrible, monster of a storm, and all the aftermath. And to have such great people helping us, leading us, holding our hands, you know, it just, it blows you away. We feel very blessed,” said Julia Betterbid.Related Article: Area hotels filled with Florence evacueesNo word yet on when flood waters are expected to recede, but authorities are urging people to stay off the roads for the time being. Rescuers unload people, pets, and cargo from a military vehicle.(Photo: Matt Bennett/WWAY) LELAND, NC (WWAY) —  After flooding increased Sunday, creating hazards for many in the Cape Fear, one neighborhood had to be rescued and taken to shelter.A rescue team transported neighbors and their pets to the Leland Cultural Arts Center temporarily, while they awaited transport to the North Brunswick High School shelter.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Part of S Topsail Dr closed new Surf City Bridge should open

first_img Surf City Police Chief Ron Shanahan said businesses on that stretch can be accesses using a detour on South Shore Drive at High Point Avenue and Raleigh Avenue.Carroll could not give us an exact date for when the new bridge would be open to traffic, but he said he expects it to be before the end of 2018.Carroll said the NCDOT hopes to announce the opening date in the next week or two. Surf City Round-a-bout construction on the island (Photo: Surf City Fire Department/Facebook) SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — A portion of South Topsail Drive is closed in Surf City starting today and will last for the next two weeks.Jacksonville Resident Engineer Trevor Carroll with the North Carolina Department of Transportation said S. Topsail Drive from Roland Avenue to Raleigh Avenue will be closed for about two weeks to finish the round-a-bout on the island to tie in to the new high rise bridge.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Gafa has been employed by OPM since January

first_img <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrint Neville Gafa has been working at the Office of the Prime Minister since January 2019. This emerged from Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s reply to a parliamentary question by Opposition MP Simon Busuttil. However it was only recent that the Prime Minister had claimed that he did not know for which ministry Gafa works for.In replies he had given to the The Times of Malta Muscat had said that Gafa was ‘a government employee’ failing to identify which ministry Gafa worked for adding that he did not know exactly what Gafa’s contract said.PN MP Simon Busuttil asked Muscat to provide details about Gafa since the March 2013, details which should show his role, date when each contract was initiated and the date when it was terminated, his salary, and any perks he was entitled for.From Muscat’s reply, Gafa has been employed with the Office of the Prime Minister since January 2019 as a coordinator.Gafa had started working as a Projects Director at the Foundation for Medical Services (FMS) in April 2014 only to be dismissed in December 2018. Gafa had a salary of €30,000 and was receiving free mobile and internet connection, plus the cover of additional telecommunications costs, vehicle allowances as well as “disturbance allowance”, amounting up to a maximum of €10,002. This had emerged from a separate parliamentary question made by Opposition MP Claudette Buttigieg to Health Minister Chris Fearne in 2017.READ: Dismissed by Fearne; Praised by MuscatREAD: Does Neville Gafà work for the Ministry or not?Mr Gafà appeared in reports in November after he was understood to have met members of the Libyan government in Tripoli, as the, ‘special envoy of the Prime Minister’. He downplayed the reports saying that he had visited for personal reasons. He had also ‘bumped into’ Haithem Tajouri, the leader of a militia group known as the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade.Prior to that, Gafa was employed as a customer care assistant at the Ministry of Health from June 2013 until April 2014. He was employed on a salary of scale 11, and was entitled to €116.50 allowance every month for ‘extra hours’ worked.Opposition MP Simon Busuttil asked whether Gafa was part of an official government delegation to Libya throughout June this year. Muscat replied in he affirmative, saying that the delegation was headed by Malta’s Ambassador to Libya Charles Saliba and was in the country on 18 June 2019. The themes discussed during the bilateral meeting included economic and trade relations between the two countries, and migration.Prior to Partit Laburista being swept into power in March 2013, Neville Gafa worked as a shop assistant with an optician.TwitterRead more:Muscat-Fearne compromise on Gafà “diabolic” – DeliaOfficial transcripts allege fraud from OPM officialWhatsApplast_img read more

What happens in an Internet Minute Infographic

first_imgAdvertisement Ever wondered how much you can do in 60 seconds? For most people, that is such a short time that the results of work done within that timeframe are negligible.But online, such is enough time fore over 6 million pageviews on Facebook, 1.3 million video views on YouTube, over 20 million photo views on Flickr, among other things! Here is the full infographic, courtesy of one Google+ user.last_img

Airtel Unveils New App

first_imgAdvertisement Airtel Uganda, has launched an interactive mobile app for its customers. The launch of MAMA mobile applications is a key step by Airtel Telecom towards service innovation.The “My Airtel My App”( MAMA ) is a first of its kind in the Ugandan market, giving more and more to its consumers by letting them access their own world of Airtel on the go.The Airtel app to manage your Airtel mobile, Airtel money, connections at work, home or anywhere in between! Customers shall be able to check account usage, make payments or recharge, send money, start & stop services. This MAMA app is not only limited to account features but users shall be able to get special offers, order games and a lot more as the app continues to grow. – Advertisement – As Airtel money is being used more with its’ partnerships and more are yet to come, customers shall be able to stay in control of your bills and know what’s going on with their Airtel accounts, from anywhere.Commenting on the launch of this app, Airtel’s Managing Director, Arindam Chakrabarty stated, “The proliferation of smart phones in Uganda has made access to apps and data-based content very easy for our customers and has presented us with an opportunity to be able to better serve their needs. This new app is the start of a series of similar launches on the Airtel network that will enable our subscribers to make the best use of the latest technology.”Airtel Uganda has been providing convenience and flexibility to its customers through various offers and the launch of these new applications is yet another step by Airtel Uganda to provide its customers innovative and user friendly services.last_img read more

CocaCola Africa Foundation launches Youth Empowered for Success digital platform

first_imgKelvin Balogun President Coca-Cola Central, East and West Africa. Photo Credit: Tech Moran Advertisement The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) has launched a digital platform aimed at connecting young people to training, mentoring and employment opportunities provided by its pan-African youth empowerment initiative Youth Empowered for Success (YES!).The YES! initiative was launched last month, and aims to empower marginalised youth in six countries through a US$4.5 million investment from TCCAF. It aims to reach 500,000 youth by 2020.It is being introduced in Kenya, South Africa and Tunisia by TCCAF and partners such as Mercy Corps, Microsoft, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator and Kuza Biashara. Future launches will also take place in Liberia, Nigeria and Uganda. – Advertisement – The digital platform intends to provide wider accessibility and greater scale for the programme, offering life skills training, business skills training and access to employment and mentoring for 25,000 young Africans over the next three years.“The rapid pace of technology adoption across Africa presents significant opportunity for private sector, civil society and government partners to engage with youth in new ways while building the skills and connections that are essential for employment,” said Kelvin Balogun, trustee at TCCAF and business unit president at Coca-Cola Central, East and West Africa.“Harnessing the talent and ambition of youth will be essential to Africa fulfilling its long-term potential, and we aim to help support this aspiration through Youth Empowered for Success. The launch of the new YES! digital platform is an important introduction in allowing us to reach more young people across Africa while rapidly scaling the programme as it expands into new countries across the continent.”The platform aims to ensure inclusive reach for the initiative, providing access to services for young people in remote locations and those with limited literacy skills. Built by TCCAF and its programme partners, it has been designed to support widely-available technology including SMS and voice-based mobile devices, and will be available through devices at YES! programme hubs.last_img read more

Snapchat has rebranded to Snap Inc

first_imgAdvertisement Today, Photo sharing network Snapchat Inc. has undergone a major re-branding.From now on, the company will be known as Snap Inc.The company’s Twitter accounts have already been updated to reflect the change. – Advertisement – According to CEO Evan Spiegel, The change in name is because Snapchat is bigger than just an app on your phone.The app itself will still be called Snapchat, but the company will be known as Snap Inc.The company has also released video-recording sunglasses called Spectacles which will be available this fall. They contain a 115-degree-angle lens that will allow the wearer to record up to 30 seconds of video, and you’ll be able to post your videos directly to the Snapchat app.last_img read more

Ugandas Badru Ntege Elected as Inaugural EASTECO Board Chairman

first_imgAdvertisement Ugandan Information Communications Technology (ICT) opinion leader Badru Ntege has been elected the inaugural Governing Board Chairperson for the East African Science and Technology Commission (EASTECO).Ntege who is also the Chief Executive Officer for NFT Consults was elected during the first ever EASTECO meeting held in Entebbe, Uganda.Ntege represents the Ugandan Private Sector on the Commission. – Advertisement – EASTECO is the institution charged with coordinating and facilitating the activities of the Partner States and national science and technology institutions in East Africa.It is also responsible for promoting the development and application of science, technology and innovation in all its aspects including policy development, research and development, knowledge and skills development, technology acquisition, adaptation and utilization among others.During the meeting, Ntege was elected alongside Rwanda’s Prof. Manasse Mbonye who will serve as the Director General for the National Commission for Technology Rwanda (NCST) – as the Rapporteur.About EASTECO EASTECO was established as a semi-autonomous institution of the EAC by the 5th Extra-ordinary Summit of the EAC Heads of State held in 2007.Its formation was in accordance with Chapter 16, Article 103 (a) of the Treaty on the Establishment of the East African Community, where the Partner States undertook to promote cooperation in the development of Science & Technology within the Community.Its operationalization was finalized in 2015 with a Secretariat appointed and its Headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda.last_img read more

5 Uses of AI in Human Resources

first_img(Photo Courtesy: dealermarketing) Advertisement Artificial intelligence, or AI, has the power to transform human resources. It’s an important tool in terms of data analysis and management. With the right approach to human resource management systems that use AI, companies could save time and money.According to recent figures, only 13% of companies are using AI as part of their human resources operations. However, when you ask about the future of AI, over 50% believe it will be a regular part of human resource in just five years.So, what are the ways AI can be used in human resources?1. Boost your recruitment – Advertisement – One of the toughest jobs in human resources is the recruitment process. It’s not only time-consuming but also highly impactful in terms of how well the organisation performs. If you can find the right talent and hold on to it for as long as possible, you are going to perform well. The cost of bad recruitment can make or break a company.AI has the power to boost recruitment and improve those efforts. This is largely down to human resource management system automation. AI software is able to perform tasks such as:Pre-screening candidatesGrading candidates based on qualificationsScheduling interviewsProvide feedback and answers to candidatesThese are all important aspects of the recruitment process. For example, the ability to answer candidate concerns can help in two ways. First, it can speed up the application process and ensure the candidates don’t make silly or needless mistakes during it. Secondly, it can guarantee only the suitable candidates apply – this can help both the candidate and organisation.2. Enhance the onboarding processOnce you find the right candidate and your organisation hires them, you’ll have to ensure smooth onboarding process. This is important because it guarantees the candidate gets into the swing of things and productivity doesn’t suffer. You want the work relationship to start well rather than problematically.However, onboarding is time-consuming. It’s also something a lot of companies are not performing very well. According to ServiceNow, one in third of employees find it impossible or difficult to learn about a company’s HR policies. This is a spooky figure that AI can luckily change.AI can help human resource management systems implement programs like chatbots. These can answer employee queries, direct them to the right resources and provide them with information and guidance in general.3. Improve employee performanceHuman resources don’t just work in finding the right employees and then helping them to get started. They also have the important and essential role of supporting employees throughout employment. A good human resourse department has the power to boost and improve employee performance.Human resource management systems available right now can do this in many ways. The software solutions can boost performance by:Helping with education and training.Providing better and continuous feedback.When employees are able to receive more feedback, they will be able to improve their work and productivity. It can also help the HR to provide more personalised help and support, focusing on the areas the employee needs help with and stop wasting training and resources on issues that aren’t even broken.4.Provide more transparencyOne key way AI should be used is in transparency. In the past, the HR department has had a bit of a bad reputation. For employees, it has often seen like a place that works against them and not for them. But with AI technology, this can change.AI has huge potential in solving transparency issues. Human resource management system could focus on areas like payroll, holiday pay and scheduling as well as other important issues like this. With the software, employees can be part of the decision-making process and have access to information. AI and cloud technology can transfer some of the management power from the HR department to the employee – this will lead to improve transparency and keep the employees satisfied.5. Enhance employee retentionThe above points all highlight one of the biggest ways AI can be used in human resource: employee retention. The cost of hiring new employees can be devastating for companies, especially small business. It’s not a secret to know that if you can hold on to talent, your organisation will be better off for it.AI allows human resource professionals to automate most tasks, improving the employee experience in the process. HR professionals can focus their efforts on dealing with theThe above five ways use AI in human resources for good. With these solutions and processes, organisations can free up time and resources without jeopardising results and employee wellbeing. It’s important that companies start implementing the right HR solutions because AI is not going anywhere. The benefits of AI should convince even the sceptics of the possibilities.last_img read more

David Haddrells 2000 Guineas Preview

first_imgSaturday afternoon sees the first UK classic of the 2013 season at Newmarket over the famous Rowley Mile. This looks a strong renewal with some big reputations on the line. As usual, I’ll skip through the field one by one…Won a maiden and a novice race on polytrack as a two year old and reappeared in the Greenham this year but got stuffed finishing fourth of the five runners. Brian Meehan’s horses often improve for the run but even so, this one needs to improve about four stone! 100/1 in the betting and rightly so.One of three Ballydole horses and the first string if you believe the jockey bookings. Campaigned purely over 6f last season and looked to need a mile, been punted throughout the Winter for the race and the fast ground and a mile should suit. However, the fact remains he’s only ever won his maiden and Dawn Approach had his number at Royal Ascot, even though that was nearly a year ago. Either way, not for me at 8/1.Winner of all six starts, including the Coventry, National and Dewhurst Stakes. Exceptionally talented and impressive horse who is bidding to go one better than his great sire New Approach. The trip, ground and track won’t pose any problems and he’s got the obvious best form in the book too. Clearly deserves his place at the top of the market but for a horse that ran as early as March last year coming into this against some exciting horses, I wouldn’t be rushing to take 6/4 when the room for improvement is a lot less compared to some of his rivals.Won a Leopardstown maiden last summer but beat by horses that wouldn’t even stand a chance in this. Shouldn’t even be in the lineup. Extreme windmill tilting.The winner of the European Free Handicap looked to thrive on the better ground and step up in trip last month here at Newmarket and the time of that race was very strong. He’s clearly long been well regarded as he’s been well backed in every race for the yard. Looks to have improved hugely as a three year old and whilst some say he isn’t bred for a mile, I’d rather go on what my eyes tell me and this fella wasn’t stopping over a stiff 7f last time. They’ll go a good clip here and a mile doesn’t worry me at all. Sadly however, the value has gone and the 25/1 last week was pornographic but at 12/1, he’s less of a play but could be one for the W/O fav and front two market as well as one to include in exotics.Winner of the Breeders Cup Juvenile Turf last season on quick ground out in California. Finished behind Dawn Approach in the Dewhurst though and there’s not much evidence for suggesting he’ll turn that around.. Also worth noting his two wins have come on tight left-handed tracks and he’s got beat when fancied when running over a straight course on a couple of occasions. I think he’ll be a decent three year old but I’m suspecting he’s going to be more like Power or Oratorio in that he gets beat here and wins a decent one later in the season.Won a Haydock maiden last year and beat fair and square in races far below the level of this since. Will be 1000/1 on Betfair at the off and rightly so. More windmill tilting.Interesting that Cecil runs a twice raced maiden in this race but even so, that description tells it’s own story. Probably the most interesting of the 4 or 5 outsiders but will be doing well to make the frame and 66/1 reflects his chances.The pacemaker for Dawn Approach but still managed to come second in the Dewhurst. Will be interesting to see where Whelan goes from his high draw, if he comes to the near rail, he could outrun his price massively but suspect he’ll track across to be near his chestnut stablemate. If anyone is betting without the front 2, he could be a nice EW play in the market.Won a maiden at Dundalk last August and problems kept him off the track since. Bred for further than this and suspect he’s running here because the yard think they are short of a top top horse for the race so are playing a numbers game. Battered that maiden at Dundalk but 12/1 on it’s second career start and it’s first start on turf in a field this strong? He’d be 25/1 minimum if he was trained by anyone else. Easily passed over.A huge talking horse as a two year old who never quite proved to be top class getting beat in the Middle Park when well fancied. Supposedly was always going to be a better three year old but beaten comfortably in the Greenham and whilst I expect him to improve on that run, I still think he’s got too much to find to get involved here.Winner of all 4 starts including the Champagne and the Craven last month. I wasn’t that taken with that run at first as he beat a small field and I didn’t think we learned a lot about him. However, the sectional boys have been getting very excited about him and to do the final 3f in around 33 seconds last time out is incredibly impressive. Obviously the main threat to Dawn Approach but the market has also cottoned on to that and the value has gone. If Dawn Approach is punted on the day, he could be value in a match bet against the fav.Last but by no means least is Richard Hannon’s second string Van Der Neer. Winner of three of his four races, only getting beat by Kingsbarns in the Racing Post Trophy, he will have no issues with this trip and the ground should also suit him. He won in workmanlike fashion when a short fav at Lingfield last time out, the yard won that race with Dubawi Gold and he chased Frankel home in this two years ago. At 25/1, this is the value in the race. Hughes said he’d improve for that race too. He’s got his ground, trip and a decent pilot and the only worry is if they track across to the stands side as he’s drawn one but I think that’s unlikely.The front two in the betting are clearly deserved first and second favourites, but they are both a bit too short for me and whilst it’ll be hard to turn them both over, I think the value in this race is definitely Van Der Neer EW but there are a few other possible angles into making a few bob in this race. Overall, a belter of a race and I fancy Toronado over Dawn Approach but Garswood and Van Der Neer will get significantly closer to them than the betting suggests IMO.Back Van Der Neer EW at 25/1 in the main race marketIf anyone is betting without the front 2, bet Leitir Mor and Garswood EWBack Toronado in a match bet with Dawn Approachlast_img read more