Month: November 2017

2012 is the end of the Shanghai dragon chain optimization is a new start

The premise of

we need to pay attention to the external links:

external links are still able to bring traffic to our site, this problem does not need to do more to explain. We release the soft in and their site theme related websites, leave your links, it may give us a website traffic, of course, the premise is your soft, high quality, can attract users click, so users are aware of their own open links are needed, so the user experience of external links well, there is value to users outside the chain link, the external links also belong to high quality. read more

See the website optimization from STE data

Do the basic optimization of

, why should SITE data analysis


2. garbage page

website optimization is a process, not overnight, website optimization is a continuous improvement and modification process, which is the basis of optimization is very important for us, for we can analyze it from the basis of optimizing the data for the diagnosis of SITE, that is to say, in the optimization process we must pass for SITE the continuous data diagnosis and optimization processing, to enhance the level of optimization based on our website, so as to achieve stable keywords ranking and breakthrough the bottleneck to traffic. read more

There are pictures and the truth of the search engine keyword recognition

understand this truth, we can be aware of at least two points. META is a very important, is the search engine to determine the main information source of the theme of the site, regardless of site title or keyword, or content description can not be regard as unimportant. Attention is needed, especially the site page title and description, can be included in the search engine appears, is directly related to the image of the website. Second can be perceived, META can not be arbitrary, must coincide with the website content, website theme. As such, META inside the information content can be used to search engine. Needless to say, META to the rational distribution of keywords, convey the site substance and convenient user identification to the search engine to effectively. read more

The content of the website page how to optimize the whole process of long tail keywords

mining long tail keywords is certainly the first step, since it is the long tail keywords optimization, it certainly must have long tail keywords, first positioning good web site, through the drop-down menu, love Shanghai love Shanghai related search, Google keyword tool, love Shanghai honeycomb system, long tail keywords mining tools, competitor analysis, inquiry platform conclusion mining a large number of long tail keywords, and split combination, the statistics of the long tail word out. read more

Shanghai Longfeng decryption how low the weight of the site to challenge the second

: a website positioning and the development of the core to close

three: good guide "spider" index is better than

don’t think effects will be noticed everywhere with special effects; don’t think the JS page code size wantonly transfer; don’t think it would be better if more keywords optimization effect; don’t think the structural layer design more deeply the spider climb more deep. On the contrary, the search engine just hate these practices to think kick up a cloud of dust, spider gave it a rose with thorns, ask such a web search engine is how to win the favor of? People often say: do not go to the novice website optimization is the best way to optimization, in fact, is the truth. Do not understand what to optimize, as well as what are not optimized to better. Don’t try to deceive the search engine, because you think it already know, do the people you are not too many to count the first genius. read more

Shenzhen Shanghai Longfeng business services market positioning strategy

target group positioning strategy

Shenzhen Shanghai dragon service effect, is according to the enterprise or products that can provide consumers with the effect to solve the problem of the degree of orientation. Because consumers can remember the information is limited, and often only on a result of enterprises has a strong appeal, so this positioning is easy to produce a deep impression. Such as Procter & Gamble rejoice positioning in the "compliant"; Head and Shoulders is "Dandruff"; PANTENE is located in the hair". read more

The 404 page optimization to enhance the user experience a rapid increase in the website of Shanghai

users are afraid to see this page, it means corresponding to the link page no longer exists, or search results in error. However, if you are able to correct 404 page design, it can make full use of it to solve the problem of the user, give your site to bring more visitors. The following is the Hai Yao Shanghai dragon training Xiaobian summary 5 404 page techniques, is not complicated, when there is good effect. And enhance the user experience, the rapid increase of the website weight

for many functional site, increase site traffic, or increase the customer is the main target. If the website owner is a dentist, lawyer or a plastic body, then add every customer, means that thousands of dollars of income. So, take every visitors and turn them into customers, is very meaningful. read more

Tips to make your website updated further make still further progress

mentioned the word "chain" I believe many earlier in the search engine drop right friends fear in the heart, because many sites are because of the large number of the site content interspersed within the chain, resulting in excessive site optimization, search engine drop right. But today small talk is not so in the chain, but some other articles related to him the subject of this article, for example, A article is written about website optimization, website optimization D article is written, so this time we will be at the end of the article or add related article at this time, we can add these small talk of "chain", the chain of users love, also conducive to spider crawling between our website content, but also will not lead to excessive site optimization, so it is rare update tips. read more

What are the skills of search engine optimization

fourth, strengthen the construction of the chain in the station, the construction of the chain is mainly on account of other relevant section section of the site each page contains the only good page links, and eventually become the network structure, we usually practice: sometimes we will use the article before and after correlation recommendation, this method is good.

fifth, carefully use the robots file, robots file use is banned from search engines crawl file. There are three purposes: 1, when the site after the upload is not perfect site 2, shield some do not want to be included in the search engine’s content, such as copyright etc.. 3, to prevent the scattered site weight. read more

Shanghai Longfeng sharing scheme professional Shanghai dragon er

Internet through so many years, with the development of the search engine, search engine marketing has become the preferred marketing network.

blogging for nearly 3 months, groundless talk will come all. To do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, need to work steadfastly. Pure theory to go to hell. Before wrote an article on the website optimization orders the first step, Jian Bo do most of the webmaster Shanghai dragon is under orders to test their level of ability. Of course, the customer orders that need to professional service. It is from Shanghai to Phoenix! Today I share with you the website optimization scheme of Shanghai Longfeng writing and flow chart. read more

Please provide the station webmaster face love love Shanghai weight data

I often talk with other Adsense said, the so-called love Shanghai weight is out of the brush. Many webmaster will spray me, oh, I don’t care about. From the above analysis that the love station algorithm, I think there are a lot of people have seen how to brush it? If I use the brush tool to search for a flow of love Shanghai station, the station name of the Shanghai love index will be high, and this station first row key station should be this a station will be left out?


love love Shanghai station launched a weight of the data, the love station webmaster tools all IP million (they said official data, I estimate more than), I gradually see the importance of the data share in the webmaster in mind, the webmaster gradually to the love from the station network query to the so-called love Shanghai weight data as the important criterion to judge the quality of a website, or even the only standard, especially when changing the Links (this I experienced). I often hear many webmaster said: how much you stand weight?… I stand for only 1 weeks and you weight X….. So, webmaster have not really thought: accurately what the data really read more

The search engine how to use real money’s era station group

third: standing group of way to do in the boutique boutique industry station, station for customers to advertise monthly fee charged. For example: we can do N on steel station, the station provides the chain for the master station, the flow of import etc.. And then we can master it to put advertisement let you know some industries, iron and steel, machinery and other station advertising but great oh.

second: their products into selling products, the first method that Taobao customers in fact we still do the wedding dress for others. The excessive stage only belongs to a personal profit, when you are in the Taobao customer profitable enough to find a product to your agent, you can do it yourself, create a number of product promotion Keywords optimization to love Shanghai home, your products will Everfount sold out. A lot of money will brush came, the profit is higher than the Taobao customer. read more

Some important measures to cope with the pomegranate algorithm


3) the direction of profitability to PPS, PPC or PPA type of advertisement above, not only enrich the web page, and not because of pop caused trouble to the user, can improve the site overall user experience. PPS pay per sales, advertising revenue in accordance with window to calculate the number of users to buy PPC pay per client; i.e., fees in accordance with the user clicks, generally single income is much less than PPS; PPA pay per action, each user to complete a fixed behavior webmaster can obtain benefits, such as registration, such as downloading etc.. PPS PPC PPA CPS CPS is corresponding to the CPA, but the former is for publishers, the latter is for advertisers, in fact, is one thing. read more

Quick money an analysis of websites frequented by College StudentsCyworld’s success know how PRP re

According to Cyworld founder Young Joon HYUNG, Cyworld’s success comes from a combination of multiple factors that finally make his

and, above all, >

now shop everywhere, and in addition to Taobao, there are many other C2C platform, so many people shop, money will be difficult to earn. Personally feel that if you want to shop online, must have new products, cheap purchase channels, but also familiar with some rules brush credit.

two can build a personal site, this service providers to provide blog system, 100 per year should be able to get. Anyway, now the CN domain name is also cheap, and then apply for a space. read more

The experience of Shanghai Phoenix interview article

because I can not see the future, no hope, the company’s products are 6 years ago, no R & D department, the most important is the company for the boss, so I resigned.

4. if you optimize our website


[note] the dry line love line, because love only to do it more durable, and from the first job to do this now is always can also indicate their own speciality. Of course, you may also be to do this, but it is best to love their love for the industry.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization including the station optimization and stood outside optimization of two parts. The station optimization, I will from the title, keyword selection, description, ALT tags, soft writing, chain, chain and other aspects of optimization. Outside the station optimization, will make full use of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, love love Shanghai map, Shanghai library, Shanghai love to know, love Shanghai Post Bar love Shanghai, love Shanghai experience and a series of related products optimization, while utilizing watercress, Tianya forum, micro-blog, blog, video and other media to optimize. read more

Shanghai Longfeng blog exchange Links is very dangerous

2, Shanghai dragon blog prone to excessive optimization

but the reasons leading to this phenomenon is also very obvious: may start to pay attention to rankings and included such blog only, but after all, is a man to do the site, did not lead to a long-term plan for the blog, may from the beginning out of the blogger’s heart, and optimizes the blog hastily; there is a blog may have not been able to find a suitable way of profit, so there may be no idea long done, or directly into other garbage collection stations such as read more

Shanghai love movie flow keywords know analysis skills

four, leave the site skills;

a lot of questions can increase the probability of winning, and now love Shanghai know the tube was quite strict, more questions, to stay more problems.


, a news in the movie when they come out to seize key words;

three, lots of questions related keywords;

try not to love their own website address directly leave Shanghai products, otherwise it was found cheating after dead. Leave the address is the address of other well-known sites, two converted to their site read more

How to search engine to detect the user experience of the website


fourth, website exposure. It is the chain website, how this is related to the user experience of the website? Oh, your website user experience is good, nature has a lot of loyal subscribers, to share your site, actually this is nonsense, but this is what I want to tell you how we should.

second, the website user adhesion. A website search engine to analyze a site from so few points, the first site of the article comments, if a number of website article comments, that the website user experience is good, a lot of people to the site, according to the observation of many of the comments just D network, multi site rankings are very good. Second kinds of web traffic, Alexa ranking, if the website traffic is high, Alexa high ranking, general search engine traffic also. read more

The cause and site investigation right down

from the search engine traffic is greatly reduced (different from the normal circumstances, if floating) drop that some of your keywords are likely to have no ranking. This is a kind of behavior right down.

acquisition station Including the

2. station traffic is down


?If the The

may be a single site right down to the following reasons as, if the website is K, it must be combined with the majority of the following reasons.

site drop right phenomenon also have to put a "love Shanghai draft", but not all problems are love Shanghai convulsions, most of the site itself problem. Following Li Xuepeng to solve a problem: read more

An example to explain how to build the chain of Science

since the Shanghai dragon since the chain is one of the most important aspects of Shanghai Longfeng work. But a lot of people especially the novice friends do not know how to do the chain, the chain structure does not know what is the love of the love of Shanghai. This will be a "water purifier" as keywords and top-ranking website analysis, reveals how scientific construction of the chain.

1. a reasonable increase in the chain of domain name

can be seen from the figure, the main keywords "site water purifier" accounted for 51% of all the anchor text, and the remaining 49% use other relevant anchor text. Therefore, cannot use the same keywords as anchor text in the construction of the chain, but should ensure that the main anchor text keywords accounted for about 50% of the total cases, using relevant keywords as anchor text in the rest of the chain, and even the use of straight chain form. read more