Assault suspect believed armed escapes into marshy area

first_imgVancouver police converged near Fruit Valley Park on Friday evening in an unsuccessful search for an assault suspect who was said to be armed with a handgun.Officers radioed that the man was suspected of threatening to shoot a woman. After arriving at the park, officers blocked off La Frambois Road and drove toward its end, a boat launch and large marshy area that leads to Vancouver Lake.The victim told police that she and the man went to the area to practice shooting, said Sgt. Kathy McNicholas with the Vancouver Police Department.The victim said the man pointed a handgun at her and fired off a shot, but no one was hit.About 8:10 p.m., officers stopped looking for the man and radioed for a broadcast with his name and description, including several tattoos, and said they had probable cause to arrest him for first-degree domestic-violence assault.John Branton: 360-735-4513 or

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