Hasina calls civil society dustbin of politics

first_img.Prime minister Sheikh Hasina once again on Wednesday blasted the civil society, describing it as the ‘dustbin of politics and power’.”There’re people who’re always ready to sell themselves to evil forces, be it dustbin beside roads that reads ‘use me’. They’re also like that [trash bin] that hang up on their chests ‘use me’ for politics and power,” she said.The prime minister said this while responding to a supplementary question from ruling party MP Fazilatun Nesa Bappy in parliament during her question-answer session.She said this section of people are always found ready when there will be a state of emergency in the country or when someone will come to grab the state power through martial law.”If it happens so, they’ll get attention, they’ll get the flag [national flag to fly in car] and they’ll be in power,” Sheikh Hasina said.The premier said if anyone believes in democracy then one should go to people and participate in the election.”They’ve to come to power through election. There’s a section of people who never want to go to people. They always look for other means to be there in power.”She raised question about the meaning and explanation of ‘civil society’. “Based on which theory they are civil! This question comes up when they don’t see anything even after seeing, don’t hear anything even after hearing and don’t want to understand anything. I don’t know whether they’re civil or uncivil,” she said.Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh is marching ahead with accelerated development activities and the whole world is recognising this. “But this is very much unfortunate that some people don’t see this development. They’re blind despite having eyes; they’re deaf despite having ears.”She also said no one can make them understand this development of the country. “This is one kind of sickness because their eyes are on illegal ways to grab power,” the she told parliament.Recently, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) said the banking sector of Bangladesh has become a “growing malignancy” for the economy due to rising bad loans and lack of governance.It also mentioned that the gap between the rich and poor has widened despite the continued economic growth in the country.last_img

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