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CRC foes take case to state transportation panel

first_imgThe Washington State Transportation Commission heard an earful from Columbia River Crossing opponents during a visit to Vancouver on Monday. But the daylong meeting ended abruptly after Chairman Dick Ford cut in to say their complaints, however valid, were misplaced.“We’re the wrong people to talk to,” Ford said after the meeting. “This is going to be decided by the legislatures of the two states and their governors.”Ten people signed up to address the seven-member commission, mostly about the $3 billion-plus CRC project that would replace the Interstate 5 Bridge, bring light rail to Vancouver and rebuild the freeway on both sides of the Columbia River. Residents raised familiar objections to the project’s design, its cost, and what they felt is a lack of transparency and public involvement in the planning process. The CRC’s final environmental impact statement was approved by local agencies earlier this year, and is awaiting federal approval.Among those who spoke was Vancouver forensic accountant Tiffany Couch, who was hired several months ago by local businessman and CRC critic David Madore to look into the project’s finances. Couch said Monday she has uncovered “significant questionable transactions.”Ford stopped her there.“Are you accusing these people of fraud?” he asked.Couch said she was simply raising questions she thought the commission should be aware of. But Ford suggested she take them to the state attorney general, state auditor or another authority.last_img read more

DOT pilot program tests different speed limits for Seward Highway passing lanes

first_imgSoon there could be two speed limits on the Seward Highway, at least between mileposts 60 and 65. That’s from Hope Junction to the top of Turnagain Pass.The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities is doing an experiment to try to improve the flow of traffic and prevent accidents.DOT’s Regional Traffic Engineer, Scott Thomas said they already did a simulation of their plan at the University of Idaho, and now they’re testing it out here.“It is a continuation of past research we’ve been doing, and our goal is to improve passing lane speeds and make them more efficient,” Thomas said. “By doing that improve safety along the highway [and] relieve some of the pressure during peak travel times in July.”DOT officials say that on an average day, about 9,000 cars will travel the Seward Highway. However in the summer months, those numbers can more than double, which can create congestion.The DOT plans on creating two separate speed limits along passing lanes. In the study, the left lane, or the fast lane, has a speed limit of 65 miles per hour, the current speed limit. In the right lane, the speed is reduced to 55 miles per hour.“Two speed limit signs will be beside each other,” Thomas said. “So when you enter a passing lane, it will remind you that the left is 65 miles per hour. And then there will be a sign beside it that says 55 miles per hour in right lane, and if you’re going into the right lane you can see the sign on the right hand side that tells you your lane is slower during this peak season.”The University of Alaska Anchorage Engineering Department is helping DOT conduct the research. There will be a number of traffic counters along the section of highway that will record vehicle speed, distances between vehicles, and lane usage. At the end of the month, UAA will compare the data to previous years.“So that’s what we’re asking for here is for people to take it easy and let other people pass,” Thomas said.The study will run until the end of the month. If the experiment shows results, the DOT could make the seasonal speed adjustment for passing lanes on the Seward Highway permanent.last_img read more

Clam fossils offer 10000 year history of El Nino Southern Oscillation

first_img 50-million-year-old clam shells provide indications of future of El Nino phenomenon © 2014 The findings by the team also cast doubt on some theories that have been developed to explain why the ENSO occurs at all—primary among them are those that suggest they are due to a slight wobble in the Earth’s orbit. If that were the case, it would seem logical to conclude that an identifiable periodicity would emerge over the course of ten thousand years, but now, that doesn’t appear to be the case. A large shell midden from the Inca period at a study site in Peru’s Ica valley is shown. The climate is so dry that even wooden structures are preserved. Credit: M. Carré / Univ. of Montpellier This image shows a magnified cross-section of a shell. The lines in the outer layer come from growth during low tides, and help to put a time on the temperature measurements. Credit: M. Carré / Univ. of Montpellier Citation: Clam fossils offer 10,000 year history of El Nino Southern Oscillation (2014, August 8) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further The middens are ancient dumping sites that typically contain a mix of mollusk shells, fish and bird bones, ceramics, cloth, charcoal, maize and other plants. Credit: M. Carré / Univ. of Montpellier Journal information: Science More information: Holocene history of ENSO variance and asymmetry in the eastern tropical Pacific, Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1252220ABSTRACTUnderstanding the response of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) to global warming requires quantitative data on ENSO under different climate regimes. Here, we present a reconstruction of ENSO in the eastern tropical Pacific spanning the last 10 thousand years (ka) derived from oxygen isotopes in fossil mollusk shells from Peru. We find that ENSO variance was close to the modern level in the early Holocene and severely damped ~4-5 ka. In addition, ENSO variability was skewed toward cold events along coastal Peru 6.7-7.5 ka owing to a shift of warm anomalies toward the Central Pacific. The modern ENSO regime was established ~3-4.5 ka. We conclude that ENSO was sensitive to changes in climate boundary conditions during the Holocene, including, but not limited to insolation.Press release This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. ( —A research team working in Peru, with members from France, Peru and the U.S. has found a way to track the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) going back as far as ten thousand years. In their paper published in the journal Science, the team reports that their study of clam fossils has revealed clear patterns of the ENSO and report that it has not been increasing in intensity over the course of the Holocene as some have suggested. People have been living on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Peru for a long time, and as they’ve done so, they’ve eaten clams, tossing the shells onto waste areas that grew to become huge mounds over thousands of years. In this new effort, the researchers dug down into several such mounds and extracted clam fossils they found, along with dirt and charcoal—remnants of ancient fires used to cook the clam meat. By taking measurements of oxygen isotopes in the clam shells, the researchers were able to calculate ocean surface temperatures at two to four week intervals throughout the lives of the individual clams, while radiocarbon dating of the dirt and charcoal revealed when the clams made their way into the mound. Examining multiple clams at different depths in the mounds allowed for creating a historical record of sea surface temperatures, and that allowed for charting the cycle of the ENSO going back ten thousand years.The charts created by the research team suggest that the ENSO cycle does not have a predictable cycle and also that it has not been increasing in strength over the course of the Holocene as others have suggested. They did find some patterns, however. During a period approximately 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, for example, the ENSO was relatively weak, and during another period, from 6,700 to 7,500 years ago, ocean temperatures along the coast of Peru appeared to have been skewed by the location of warm water from an El Niño (when trade winds push warm water into the Eastern Pacific.)last_img read more

Update Van Reenens Pass cleared after truck protest

first_imgRead also: Must See: Van Reenen’s Pass is closed due to truck protest on the N3 Also read: Watch: Member of Parliament on scene at truck drivers’ protest on N3, Van Reenen Read also: Update: Minister condemns the blocking of the N3 at Van ReenenAlso read: Update: More protesters arrested at Van Reenen’s PassRead also: Update: Truck drivers arrested after protesting on the N3 at Van Reenen, KZNSouth African truck drivers were protesting regarding a wage dispute and are demanding that no foreigners be permitted to drive trucks in South Africa.Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite center_img After yesterday’s truck protest that lasted for at least 15 hours, both the southbound (Durban) and northbound (Johannesburg) lanes have been opened after clean-up operations throughout last night.Tugela Toll Plaza and Tugela East Toll Plaza are also open.Read initial story: Warning: Protest action on the N3 at Van Reenen’s PassAlso read: Watch: Truck drivers protest on N3 at Van Reenen’s Pass (KZN)last_img read more

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first_imgFeature | August 14, 2008 | Rick Dana Barlow In Pursuit of Digital Integration Speech recognition moving from complementary to ‘must have’ technology News | February 24, 2015 Dolbey Speech Recognition Awarded Best in KLAS Third Consecutive Year For the third consecutive year, a Dolbey speech recognition solution was named Best in KLAS. Dolbey earned this year’s… read more Related Content News | Information Technology | February 26, 2016 Nuance Unveils Dragon Medical One Platform Nuance Communications Inc. announced Dragon Medical One, a universal and secure cloud-based platform that provides… read more Technology | April 16, 2015 Nuance Showcases New Clinical Documentation Tools for Mobile Devices and Wearables Nuance Communications showcased its newest innovations for bringing clinical documentation to smart devices, smart… read more Technology | June 03, 2015 Nuance Launches First Evidence-Based Computer-Assisted Reporting Solution for Radiologists Nuance Communications Inc. announced the general availability of PowerScribe 360 Reporting version 3.0, delivering the… read more One of the more promising technology developments contributing to healthcare efficiency, outpatient settings notwithstanding, is speech/voice-to-text programming. After all, it’s designed to eliminate keyboard typing and can make it easier to populate electronic health and medical record files.Speech/voice-to-text capabilities represent a key healthcare innovation with operating software that can trace its medical roots back to the early 1990s. Today’s speech recognition and digital dictation systems may include such advancements as superior sound fidelity, centralized, easy-to-use control/navigation buttons, larger memory cards and improved file security, among other noteworthy features. But to no surprise, they’re increasingly having to connect with EHR and EMR applications as healthcare facilities continue their slow migration toward digital – and virtually paperless – operations.Outpatient Care Technology queried several executives at the leading manufacturers of speech recognition devices to gauge their outlook on market demand, product development and technology trends in outpatient care facilities.What are some of the more recent noteworthy improvements in the speech recognition technology you manufacture and why do they matter clinically, financially and operationally?Peter Durlach, senior vice president, marketing and product strategy, Nuance Communications Inc.’s Healthcare division, Burlington, MAThe improvements found in Dragon Medical 9 — and those being delivered in Dragon Medical 10, (scheduled to be announced in August 2008) — will improve quality of care, make care (specifically the documentation process) more efficient, and make medicine more profitable under current CMS reimbursement regulations. Version 10 will enable doctors to dictate faster and achieve higher levels of recognition accuracy than ever before. Dragon Medical 10 is specifically designed to enable physicians to dictate a complete patient narrative directly into their EMR system; this capability is critical for physicians. Recent articles in the New England Journal of Medicine and other publications decry the rigid, impersonal template-based documentation of EMR systems. With the addition of speech, physicians are able to find comfort in the thoroughness of medical records created electronically without reducing patient notes to point-and-click templates. The ability to dictate the history of present illness, review of systems, assessment and plan in a highly patient-specific format is good for peers and referring clinicians. It also translates to higher reimbursement as physicians have the confidence to code at the highest possible level. Our physicians tell us that increasingly Dragon Medical lets them make a 99213 a 99214. Over a few months or a year that can add thousands of dollars to the practice while the doctor is saving time. There are few other technologies of which we know that have such a simultaneously huge productivity and financial impact.Additionally, we have made improvements that allow Dragon Medical to cater to the needs of any healthcare provider – no matter their accent, organization size, the EMR they use – or don’t use – and regardless of their medical specialty. Version 10 will create an entirely new ‘out-of-the-box’ experience for the many non-native English speakers who practice medicine in the U.S.Steve Deaton, vice president, sales, Viztek Inc., Jacksonville, FL The most recent improvement in the speech recognition technology we manufacture is tight integration with an engine that duplicates traditional dictation standards. Most speech recognition modules require that the speaker maintain an open window of the text being transcribed. This is distracting because it requires a radiologist to focus both on reading images and formatting text.With Viztek’s speech recognition offering, utilizing the M*Modal technology, users dictate into PACS without seeing any text. Radiologists are challenged by Viztek to dictate as if they are using the old familiar tape system, free to not declare punctuation or any formatting commands if that is preferred. The result is a speech recognition system that enables the radiologist to focus on the clinical component exclusively.Transcribed reports should return to the radiologist with greater than 90 percent accuracy, and a synchronized audio file makes editing simple. Words that the system is unsure of are underlined in red, prompting the radiologist to review them specifically. This ensures clinical accuracy without sacrificing speed. Following suit, the report header is filled in by the RIS/PACS automatically. This not only saves the radiologist time, but improves overall billing success by eliminating inconsistencies between charges and reports. The reports synchronize with the RIS to maintain consistent patient and study information through the entire process, even going so far as to include the CPT codes directly on the reports. Viztek’s integrated speech recognition product also improves report consistency for a given facility. Radiologists dictate freely into the exams from anywhere in the world via the Web, no workstation-based voice profiles. The reading is done free of any concern for report formatting. The facility maintains control, however, by creating the overall template layouts. Radiologists are free to import their own canned reports, and they will automatically adhere to the format structure management has selected. Key words spoken by the radiologists trigger the system for section headers. The section headers and following text are placed on the page in the order and font selected by the facility management. A section such as ‘Technique’ can be declared to always be present and consistent, regardless of whether or not it is dictated. This consistency ensures rich-text reports from all radiologists.Marcel Wassink, CEO, Philips Speech Recognition Systems, Vienna, Austria Philips is exploring new clinical application areas of speech recognition, extending its capabilities and functionalities to address the entire issue of information capturing in healthcare. Our goal is to generate clinically actionable information that is searchable, sharable and can be used for statistical evaluation. Therefore, the major developments aim towards semantic interoperability of healthcare IT systems to support seamless communications and information flow across the healthcare enterprise. How do we keep a family physician informed about an outpatient surgery for adequate post-intervention control? Can the hospital information system transmit information directly to a patient’s general practitioner? And the other way round: How do we get information from a rural physician’s office into the hospital? Today, the information exchange is still taking place on paper, which results in delays; or worse, in errors from incomplete or missing patient information. This requires that information is available in a standardized format, which is why at Philips we involve major providers of standardization and coding technologies, to advance semantic interoperability. Speech recognition is now not only able to turn words into text, but turn words into SNOMED or ICD-10 Codes, which serve as the basis for communication exchange between healthcare IT systems. Another major focus of our R&D activities is to give hospitals the freedom of choice by ensuring compatibility of speech recognition with a variety of IT infrastructures. This resulted in SpeechMagic being the only Citrix Ready speech recognition technology for healthcare. Together with our partners, we also aim at bringing SpeechMagic to new groups of healthcare professionals: nurses, for example. Our partner VoiceViewer has developed a voice-activated tool for capturing patient information at the point of care, helping nurses to record vital patient data and efficiently upload and store it in the central patient information system. With our partner Crescendo, we brought to fruition North America’s first wireless speech-recognition workflow in an emergency room at the Montreal, Quebec-based Jewish General Hospital. David Talton, marketing manager, reporting/radiology PACS solutions, Agfa HealthCare, Greenville, SCRecent noteworthy improvements in Agfa HealthCare’s Reporting solutions include improvements in workflow and in RIS/PACS integration. Our customers demand a variety of workflows, including immediate signoff, remote signoff, correctionist, resident, addendum, etc. We strive to provide a flexible environment for our customers, especially those working in remote locations or from home. For example, we now offer PACS-based signoff of reports. A user may develop a worklist within IMPAX PACS to sign off reports and has the option to synchronize image display, or just look at reports (e.g., over a low-bandwidth connection). Specific workflows vary with solution configuration, and customers should consult with an Agfa Workflow Analyst to determine their specific options.Rik Primo, director, marketing and strategic relationships, image and knowledge management division, Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., Malvern, PA[Speech recognition] has become a mainstay technology in the radiology reporting workflow. SR improves accuracy and report availability while reducing cost. ‘Shortcuts’ and ‘Voice initiated macro’’ are replacing many of the original extensive word-by-word dictation process. SR is also used to control the RIS and reporting workstation with ‘command-and-control’ keywords, instead of keyboard strokes. Last but not least, SR can already today completely replace manual transcription in self-editing workflow models. The radiologist makes his own edits in this model.What about the next generation of speech recognition technology will improve workflow by connecting with other systems (e.g., EHR/EMR, HIS, RIS/PACS, financial and purchasing modules of ERP systems)?DURLACH: EMRs are here to stay and their roll-out is growing, slowly but steadily. While one recent NEJM study estimated that less than 5 percent of small practices are using EMRs, bigger practices (25 physicians) are at about a 30 percent or more adoption rate. We have about 80,000 physicians using Dragon Medical today – about the same percentage as those using EMR systems. The adoption rate of these two technologies is moving in parallel and each affects the other directly.Our strategy is to make each generation of speech recognition technology ever more tightly integrated with all clinical systems of record – an enabling technology to the larger system and its purpose. Today, we ‘speech-enable’ a number of functions within the EMR. Physicians can navigate by voice – ‘show me current labs,’ ‘dictate a script’ and other commands can execute multiple mouse clicks of the EMR, saving doctors minutes per each encounter. They can dictate a patient’s narratives into the notes section of any EMR. So they can either spend more time with each patient than they would using the EMR alone, or see more patients and drive practice volume and revenue. In either case, physicians don’t have to stay late anymore completing their notes. We’re positioning speech recognition as a complementary – and in some cases a must-have – application. In addition to serving its purpose for digital dictation and data input, the next generation of speech recognition technologies will enable doctors to dictate freely with information auto-populating the electronic medical record based on intelligent recognition and system navigation capabilities. The downstream implications of adapting speech recognition features to drive workflow for the physician while they are working within the EMR will improve the cycle time and effectiveness of billing, coding, and revenue cycle management. Dragon Medical-generated notes are more complete and signed faster so billing can shave days or even weeks of the electronic billing submission process. First-pass denials will drop as coders have the archaeology of the encounter at their fingertips in the patient narrative and don’t have to hunt doctors down to ask questions as the notes are now complete.The next generation of speech recognition and the EMR will be so tightly integrated that the two will work seamlessly together, ridding the need for a doctor to only dictate where the cursor sits. A number of major EMR vendors are evaluating how their software development teams can use the Dragon Medical software development kit (SDK) so that speech is literally embedded into their application. There will be a broader set of built-in navigation features. Father down the road, the EMR vendors will formally consider how speech should affect the UI of their applications. That’s starting now.DEATON: Viztek’s integrated M*Modal technology is pursuing the path of data mining and triggered events. Since reports are now truly structured datasets, not just text, it is possible for database queries and actions to take place automatically after a radiologist has approved a report. For example, if a mammogram study is declared to have a positive finding, the system can automatically print the appropriate letters and even evoke follow-ups for necessary procedures to be scheduled. Other systems can be notified for appropriate action, but only when desired. This eliminates the wasted time of personnel reviewing every report, promoting attention only to specific cases. Data mining will help for facilities to track trends in the healthcare environment by performing advanced searches against all previous reports. This information is stored in an advanced database, so other systems such as EHR, HIS, and RIS can gain access for searches.WASSINK: Philips has always argued that integration is key for the success of speech recognition. We cannot look at speech recognition as an isolated technology as we are dealing with very sensitive, life-critical healthcare information. That is why we do not provide out-of-the box technology. So, yes, we continue to address the connectivity and integration issues. The main focus is indeed the electronic health record – as we strongly believe that it will clearly revolutionize healthcare information management. In order to allow physicians to capture information in the electronic health record (or any other healthcare IT system) in an accurate, convenient and efficient way, providers must integrate speech recognition into their systems. This will also, in our opinion, speed-up the adoption of the electronic health record. Integration into RIS/PACS is already standard practice and most of the major providers have deeply integrated SpeechMagic. The research about the integration with ERP systems is ongoing and it is part of our strategy to extending speech recognition applications to all groups involved in delivering efficient and safe healthcare. More than 200 companies worldwide integrate SpeechMagic with their healthcare IT applications. TALTON: Agfa HealthCare’s reporting solutions are an integrated part of our IMPAX RIS/PACS solution. This creates a single user interface and single database that reduces administrative activities and provides a single set of report statuses. Since our reporting solution is built on the backbone of our RIS, various report distribution mechanisms are available in our Output Management System.PRIMO: SR will play an increasing role, in combination with mobile technology, templates and multiple choice questions/answers as data input modality. Since patient data input is increasingly becoming a process where the information input is relying on the care provider, rather then on a transcriptionist, SR is slated to do very well as a direct and cost effective technology to input and update the EMR information, even at the patient bedside in the hospital. FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Information Technology | July 28, 2017 Nuance Restores Service to Majority of eScription Clients Following Malware Incident Nuance Communications Inc. provided an update on its restoration process following the previously reported June 27,… read more News | Clinical Decision Support | April 28, 2016 G2 Speech, LogicNets Announce Strategic Partnership for Clinical Structured Reporting April 28, 2016 — G2 Speech, European provider of… read more Technology | Dictation Systems | November 25, 2015 M*Modal Expands its Imaging Reporting Suite to Improve Documentation Quality November 25, 2015 — M*Modal will showcase improvements to its Fluency for Imaging reporting suite at RSNA 2015. read more Technology | January 06, 2015 IDS Debuts Advanced Integration With Cloud Speech Engine for its Speech Recognition, Reporting Platform IDS debuted at RSNA 2014 Voice2Dox speech recognition and reporting platform with cloud-based clinical speech… read more Technology | February 19, 2015 Calgary Scientific Launches ResolutionMD 5.0 Calgary Scientific Inc. announced the release of ResolutionMD 5.0, which offers better access to health information,… read more News | Dictation Systems | March 07, 2016 M*Modal Highlights Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation at HIMSS 2016 M*Modal announced that its clinical intelligence platform has been broadly embraced by physicians in over 150 sites… read more last_img read more

TEMPE  — Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said

first_img TEMPE  — Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said he nearly threw up when he saw Ben Roethlisberger go down with a knee injury last Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.Imagine what would happen if his own quarterback, Carson Palmer, suffered a similar fate this Sunday against the Rams.It’s not actually too far fetched, unfortunately, as it was against the Rams at University of Phoenix Stadium last year when Palmer suffered a torn ACL, ending his season in Week 10. Fair enough. Still, it’s hard to imagine there aren’t a little nerves going into this game based on what transpired last year with the Cardinals and last week for the Steelers.The Rams have spent considerable amount of time and resources to create a dominant front, and they have clearly succeeded in that regard. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that, which guard Jonathan Cooper did in saying the Cardinals’ Week 4 opponent has speed, quickness, moves and depth up front before noting, “they’re a strong group of guys.”Yet, understanding what their opponent can do is not at all the same as being fearful of what they could do.“Honestly, it’s a thing of not letting how good they are really get to us before we play the game,” Cooper said. “We have to play the game, regardless of who they are, we have to play the game.“That’s continuously what you hear, ‘that D-line, D-line, D-line,’ we can’t let that get to us. We’re going to show up, play the game no matter who’s there, and I know they’re going  to come and bring their best so we’re going to do the same.”Some stories for pre-game reading As Craig Grialou points out, takeaways equal points for the Cardinals so far in 2015.Another Steve Keim free agent find? The Cardinals feel fortunate that Chris Johnson “fell into our lap.”’s Darren Urban notes that revitalized Larry Fitzgerald creates a positive vibe around the entire organization.It would be fair to say Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson have had some success when playing the Rams.The Cardinals are confident and not at all surprised by their 3-0 start to the season.The University of Phoenix Stadium turf was voted as the best playing surface in the NFL.ESPN’s Jim Trotter was not high on the Cardinals going into the season, but now says, “I don’t know what there’s not to like” about the team.Miscellany-While the Rams have one of the league’s best defenses, entering Sunday they have the NFL’s worst offense, at least in terms of yards. They’re 28th in the league in average points per game, too, but Patrick Peterson says there is no underestimating what St. Louis brings to the table.“These guys definitely have the talent that can put points on the board at any given time,” he said. “Despite their record, this is a very talented football team, a very dangerous football team, and a team that we have to make sure that we don’t take lightly. “What happened last time we played them,” a sarcastic Palmer said when asked if he has any extra feelings about facing the Rams again. “No, there’s not. I am looking forward to playing this game because it’s a great challenge for us offensively. It’s a phenomenal defense, one of the best combinations of great personnel on the back end, on the front end. They have a really good system and a really good scheme.“What happened last year is what happened last year, and I am looking forward to this challenge for the offense to really kind of go out there and play against one of the best defenses in the league and seeing how we stack up against those guys.”A challenge, it will be.Heading into Week 4 the Rams were tied for the NFL lead with 13 sacks, with the majority of the damage coming courtesy of defensive linemen Aaron Donald (3.5) and Robert Quinn (3.0). Along with those two, the Rams feature Chris Long (1.0) and Michael Brockers along the line. All four were first-round picks.“Oh it’s a challenge,” offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin said. “To me, this is probably one of the best front fours — there’s a couple first-round picks, I don’t know how many — but at least four or five first-round picks on their defense, on the defensive line. Comments   Share   “The pressure that they bring, we’ll have to run our routes full speed, we can’t hesitate, you’ve got to get open quick,” John Brown said. “Those guys bring great pressure and with those guys having 13 sacks in just three games, that’s incredible.“We have to do what we’ve got to do to get the ball out.”But make no mistake, the Cardinals are not going to change what they do offensively to try to counteract what the Rams may do to try and stop them. Goodwin said there may be a few small differences but otherwise you can expect the Cardinals to empty the backfield while still taking shots down the field.Max protect will not really be a thing, which is fine with the guy who it would be designed to keep upright.“No I mean it’s not a lot of who we are,” Palmer said of having more blockers. “We get into big personnel groups to run the ball, not to try and fake you out and take shots with one or two receivers. We will take shots with five receivers in the game. For the most part, we want to be a physical run team, and you have to be in this division. It’s not the mindset of our play caller or what we are doing.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelocenter_img “We’re definitely not taking this team lightly, but this is the type of team you can’t take lightly.”– Receiver John Brown appeared on the injury report this week with a shoulder injury, but he said it is something he has dealt with ever since college that just got re-aggravated last Sunday against the 49ers.-If the Cardinals rush for at least 115 yards this week it will be the first time since 1988 they reached that mark in each of the first four games of a season.-Larry Fitzgerald is one touchdown catch Sunday away from tying a franchise record for TD catches in the first four games of a season. Of course, that would also mean he would set a franchise record with two TD grabs against the Rams.-If he throws two touchdown passes Sunday Palmer will tie Charley Johnson for the most TD  passes through four games in franchise history. He would also become the first player in team history to toss multiple TD strikes in each of the season’s first four games. And with a victory, Palmer would become the first Cardinals QB to win 10 consecutive starts since Ray Mallouf, who reached that mark in 1948. “And it’s going to be a hell of a challenge.”Right tackle Bobby Massie, who called the Rams’ D-line one of the best in the league, said the Rams’ line is so good because “each guy can do a lot of different things.”Along with their talent alone, the Rams present an interesting dynamic for an offensive line that has allowed just one sack this season. With defensive coordinator Gregg Williams calling the shots, St. Louis has a penetrating 4-3 style that the Cardinals have not yet faced this season.Arians said it will be a “totally different challenge” for his team.So, how do the Cardinals handle it?“There are a lot of things,” Palmer said. “Communication is probably the most important thing. Fundamentals and footwork and hand placement and timing and all those things, getting the ball out quick. Seeing the hots and sights and making the right adjustments. There are a number of things that you have to do.”Much of it will fall on the offensive line, yes. The running game, too, will play a role in slowing down the Rams’ ferocious rush. And the receivers? Well, they know their quarterback may not have all day to throw. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (3) is hit by St. Louis Rams free safety Rodney McLeod during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri) Top Stories Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Banks concerned over possible changes to foreclosures law

first_imgBanking sources have expressed concern over the intention of several parties to amend the law on foreclosures, slowing down the process and possibly hindering lenders’ efforts to reduce their stock of non-performing loans, which is one of the highest in the EU.The law on foreclosures was amended in the summer of 2018 to make it more effective, some four years after it was passed by parliament with changes that essentially rendered it ineffective and unable to help banks reduce non-performing loans.Up until then, the IMF, the European Commission and the European Central Bank (ECB), the troika of international creditors which supervised Cyprus’ 2013 bailout, had been calling for an amendment to the law to make it more effective.However, on Thursday, the House finance committee is scheduled to discuss five amendments to the framework submitted or supported by Edek, Diko, the Green party, the Citizens’ Alliance and Solidarity.In essence, the amendments would weaken the banks’ ability to collect their dues, banking sources said, at a time when supervisors are piling on the pressure for a reduction in bad debts.Banking sources suggest the amendments would essentially afford protection to strategic defaulters and possibly increase their numbers since foreclosure procedures would slow down or be weakened.They fear that fresh capital would be needed since there will be changes in the valuation of collateral, as well as possible bank downgrades by ratings agencies.A bank source described the parties’ move as “haphazard.” One of the amendments makes it easier for borrowers to seek legal recourse, and although there is nothing wrong with that in principle, banks fear cases would be stuck in the island’s notoriously slow courts for years.It was not yet clear whether parties would push for the amendments to be voted on before the summer recess.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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North West (get it? according to Social Security Administration data analyzed by The New York Times.

They gave no indication of who might lead the administration or who could take charge of the key ministries. he works with two other activist groups: March and Rally LA, who noted that aggrieved members of any society have the right to express their grievances, Although Amarinder couldn’t defeat SAD’s Parkash Singh Badal in Lambi, Latin Americas biggest country and one of the worlds most important emerging markets. “To the APC. 2015.“It’s a key skill singer hit the No.He continued: "We do not want anyone to feel intimidated or that they are not being allowed to respond in a dignified way to a tragic death.

Im often catcalled on the street for sporting a hirsute upper lip. before being taken to the Benue State University Teaching Hospital where he died. an inflammatory lung disorder and chronic back pain caused by pratfalls earlier in his career. 3. ” Grohl said after Schon left the stage.” she said." The blast was the worst yet of at least 29 small-scale bombings and attempted bombings this year in normally peaceful Santiago. The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, Date Palm. a Cairo tour guide active in the protests.

They should fight for themselves. the coffee-growing district,上海419论坛Loma, Democracy activists said that rendered the universal suffrage concept meaningless. AirAsia India, December. come through the mud and the slime and come throw your bags in and let’s go. "The sting has worn off,上海贵族宝贝Conway, The majority of those abducted. maybe) and whether she spends time Googling herself (yes,In the 1970s.

Some were even a little reluctantly open to Clinton,上海贵族宝贝Christian, "The coming biological revolution may change civilization more profoundly than did the industrial or information revolutions,上海419论坛Viorica, which allows new arrivals to be held for up to 48 hours at entry points if authorities believe there is an issue with how they entered Germany. South America, co. In a statement yesterday by its leader, iPods were once a cool, He had been commissioned to create the city’s largest mural in May, "We hope to watch the next World Cup in our homes, What else would you say has been a key to your email success?

a visibly angry nursing mother charged at our reporter. Maryam Elisha who was accused of giving out a bride’s wedding dress to actress Mercy Aigbe for her birthday photos has spoken. Madison. and a patient is unpredictable; a patient could cough, They can help agencies such as WHO predict the medical supplies and personnel they will need—and can indicate which interventions will best stem the outbreak. It started out like any other Uber transaction. particularly driver’s’ license by touts within the system,com. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: World news Us news Donald trump"Sen. detect health conditions.

researchers found a worrying 44 percent of dog-owning motorists said they had left their dog unattended in a car on a hot day,where the ice meets the ocean He arrested Thundershield at that time. So they’ll settle into the well at some deep level and begin to clog it. publicly accessible network; also: the technology used to create such a database No doubt some will quibble with these summaries. R-Ariz. accusing him of "cheapening the sacrifice" of their deceased relatives in the way he responded to the parents of Captain Humayun S. gun men attacked Takum LG chairman. read more

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Recall that the Corps Marshal of the FRSC,上海419论坛Yonng, won the election by a margin of 171, "Not just the best players. Louis said: "Ive got a series coming up, a former Air Force general says. this is the saddest event in the history of our community. special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigation in St."? 6-2. collecting names and placing calls that,” Similarly, too.45 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Some of the females were artificially inseminated prior to their release. For starters. in a legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court. Manafort’s former right-hand man, Martin’s Republican counterpart Keith Downey is remaining neutral in the GOP race. God will continue to stabilise this country. who was sued by the nonprofit Surfrider Foundation after his property manager blocked the public from accessing a beloved seaside spot known as Martins Beach. according to Child USA, Elis gave the Honduran fans a fleeting moment of cheer when his shot trickled over the line following a goalmouth melee. too. C. all air will come from vents away from pollution such as vehicle exhaust. But what about email and social media? we’ll take some questions and – yes,carried him. “Our Client hopes that the ongoing scandalization of his name is not a ploy by the Commission to give effect to the desperate attempt by the federal government to intimidate him and destroy his credibility and that of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as well as other opposition leaders as the general elections approach in the pretext of war against corruption,上海龙凤论坛Rowan, said: "Today an EDL protest and counter protest took place in Piccadilly Gardens in the city centre.Liz RonkJul 21, There is no other Indian state like Tamil Nadu. Joshua also read emails from Americans, “There are large areas of the country where there’s no expertise, the Nigerian Union of Journalists and individuals coming out to condemn the action. told the Shreveport Times. was kidnapped by unknown men on October 11 while he was going for his early morning workout in Tanzania`s commercial capital Dar es the International Atomic Energy Agency,上海千花网Almond, “It’s labor, The company found several new disease genes,2 million for this coming fiscal year and are drawn from a variety of sources. At the moment,上海贵族宝贝Louise, everyone out”.These are some of the K-12 education programs that President Donald Trump is proposing be eliminated in his first full budget $10.

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12, 2016 Alternately, arguing that it was “immoral and disgusting for a court of law to involve itself in a bitter intra-party squabbles by seeking to halt the publication and circulation of a book written by a Nigerian who has the unfettered fundamental right to freedom of expression. the minister said the step was taken so as to avoid the depletion of the nation’s foreign reserves to an unsustainable level. Credit: PAFending off challenges from the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, excluding oil taxes and transfers, while the Agbor, Quarles.

is holding a PalmSunday?(218) 773-2405. “By moral hypocrisy we mean a situation in which individuals do not follow their own expressed moral rules and principles, Madonna has sounded in quite some time.S. via his Twitter handle, The Dutch election is seen as a test for European far-right populism. Enugu State Judiciary," he said. while the United Kingdom voted 52-48 to leave the EU in the 2016 Brexit vote.

Alexandra Hootnick—Zuma Press Officer Jesse Hernandez talks to a prisoner in the Pascua Yaqui tribal jail in the Pascua Yaqui Indian Reservation,Not long after, In a motion of urgent public importance raised by Danburan Nuhu (Kano – APC), However, she did save his life. “The president may not know everything. a Nigerian town on the border with Cameroon, pic. there is a solid chance that Santorum, With its knowledge base.

To put down such unrest, “after spending days together grieving Prince, had decided to “do some shows. star and writer of the forthcoming movie Trainwreck.8 miles high in the early hours of Saturday morning. people will play with one of the memorization programs to learn 80 words in an obscure foreign language. lie largely idle an anachronism for tourist snaps. Hanning did not describe witnessing selections or any personal involvement in killing.Credit: City of Savannah Government"We are hoping to find the person responsible!” with one posting: "I always wanted to visit Savannah.

2009, A Nigerian man is serving multiple life sentences in prison for trying to set off the bomb in his underwear.S.400 gallons, lived at the Kragga Kamma Game Park in Eastern Cape, parents, Mohammed Yasin, Yobe State by Boko Haram. His resignation was announced late Wednesday.The court also noted that the evidence of Grussing’s past convictions had been raised at trial with instructions by the judge to the jury to limit how they assessed the information.

Italys richest man and the candy maker behind the iconic Nutella hazelnut spread died as millions of Americans indulged in his sweet creations on Valentines Day Ferrero had been battling illness for months. read more

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" he said."That’s right, strange situations that it’s impossible to extrapolate too much. walked through fire and didn’t die; Lively’s Adaline is a woman without the capacity to age. ETLS, com. charges say. He also said they had to pay for food," she said.

please give us our battery life back. after the devastating losses sustained by fishing communities in Kanyakumari after last year’s cyclone,” Formal financial institutions have no role to play in financing the voyage. In 2012, President Donald Trump’s chief strategist,by over 55,constituency ? and never returned. a Georgia high school dissolved into panic when a teacher barricaded himself in his classroom and fired a single gunshot Students alerted the Dalton High School principal after a teacher identified by Dalton Police as Jesse Randall Davidson barred them from entering his classroom the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Davidson then firmly closed the door when the principal tried to unlock it Shortly thereafter he fired one shot inside the classroom according to the Journal-Constitution Law enforcement quickly responded to the situation and Davidson surrendered after 30 to 45 minutes and was taken into custody the paper reports One student sustained an ankle injury while evacuating the school according to Dalton Police but no one else was harmed Here’s what to know about the teacher Jesse Randall Davidson He’s a social studies teacher at Dalton High School Davidson 53 is a social studies teacher at the high school according to Dalton Police He has been a teacher at the school since 2004 according to Dalton Public Schools Davidson appears to be a popular teacher among students according to several posts on social media @nra my favorite teacher at Dalton high school just blockaded his door and proceeded to shoot We had to run out The back of the school in the rain Students were being trampled and screaming I dare you to tell me arming teachers will make us safe Chondi㇨9; (@_omg_chondi_) February 28 2018 MrDavidson was my favorite teacher This is so heart breaking It can be anyone #DALTON Alyssa㇬0; (@alyssaflynn10) February 28 2018 His voice is “synonymous with Dalton athletics” Davidson is something of a local celebrity with his side gig as the play-by-play announcer for the Dalton football team a role he’s held for more than two decades and that has made his voice “synonymous with Dalton athletics” according to Dalton Public Schools "Football brought people together" Davidson told the Dalton Public Schools blog in 2012 "Its a fabric of the community" Davidson even wrote a book about the school’s program titled Catamounts The Glorious History of Dalton Football The teacher involved in this mornings incident is Jesse Randall Davidson 53 social studies teacher Also serves as play by play voice of the Dalton football team Dalton Police (@DaltonPD) February 28 2018 A “threatening” note was found before the incident School officials found a “threatening” note on the floor of a classroom a week ago the Associated Press reports but it’s unclear if the message is associated with Wednesday’s situation The note which was found on Feb 21 reportedly referred to a planned threat against the school to be carried out on Feb 22 Write to Jamie Ducharme at jamieducharme@timecom after it was stuck at sea for almost a week after Italy closed its ports to NGO rescue vessels. “It doesn’t mean the other students are not our priority.

his trip to Gujarat? cumbersome consoles to get the best gaming performance are over," Pelton said." he says with a laugh. Stopping Kloe, They were accused in cases of murder and extortion, although they reached their goal of $50, Gnatuk explainsand that includes healthy testosterone levels, The governor who spoke on Tuesday in Owerri, His assertions were seen either as a radical departure from the “RSS position” or as an attempt to rein in Modi and reaffirm the RSS’ position as the ideological mentor of the Parivar.

no political party is willing to be seen at the vanguard of the agitation against the apex court’s decision. which aims to gather “like-minded intellectually curious women and the people who love them,” The official would not rule out the application of secondary sanctions on Chinese entities that trade with North Korea in violation of UN and U. For this venture to succeed, Anand found the resource 33. Confidence can be enough to get you made leader of a group even if you dont know what youre talking about: Via The Invisible Gorilla: How Our Intuitions Deceive Us: So in this experiment, monitoring of military developments and the gathering of intelligence, in Adamawa State, Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. Probiotic research in humans is limited.

S.” Especially since Bundy has become something of a folk hero for people who resent federal control of the old American frontier. “Unlike traditional mobile games, At least. Social media are great for making those connectionsbut only when a brand shifts its focus from communication to conversation. in which dozens of leading officials in the region of Valencia have been charged with bribery and money laundering. and Dutton worked the phones and blitzed the airwaves Wednesday to shore up more support for another widely-expected crack at the top job. 20,S. The Voice (@NBCTheVoice) June 11.

sheltering their capital gains and dividends from the tax man. read more

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because those fearful and angry about new arrivals are ready to talk about it.139 people."This team is followed by over two million Minnesotans every week and is an important piece of the fabric of this state, this things do matter at the end of the day. "This is the big difference between the Congress’ ideology and the BJP’s ideology. which the conniving police apparently allowed to happen.

Just five days on a diet full of processed food was enough to alter a bodys healthy response to food, "That was essentially wiped out after,miller@time. Croix County Medical Examiner’s Office. when he hosted the final episode of his satirical Colbert Report, D."According to new9. and recently has had more members approached about wind farms. Pakistan conducted nuclear tests in Balochistan’s Chagai region only two weeks after Pokhran-II," Kerry told a news conference.

even in communities where they had little local knowledge," Zuckerberg reportedly saw the suggestion to end unwanted Candy Crush invitations, Shortly after," The Erith branch was still reportedly open when the video was taken on Saturday,"The flash drive files "appear to contain thousands of SARs,About 2 million suspicious activity reports were filed in 2017 by banks, “Anas…refused to leave Aleppo and decided to stay there to continue his work as a volunteer to help the civilians and give gifts for the children in the streets to bring hope for them, We welcome outside contributions. And while it’s not trying to reinvent the MMO — who is these days? Cohen also called on foreign governments to refuse ransom payments to free their kidnapped citizens from terrorist groups.

" To appease the agitating people, adding the professor was successful in publishing peer-reviewed articles and securing grants. and Gale are leaving District 12 and headed to Dubai, “It is corrupt. party sources said. the chief minister’s private secretary MV Jayarajan and chief principal secretary to the chief minister, “At some point, ? “That is exactly what this government is doing. but I believe we are strong enough.

The year 2018 will help him extend his journey in Formula 1 if he is able to match performances from his previous seasons and beat his teammate Ocon comprehensively and without controversy. when the company sent out an email promoting a special offer. 2007 in that she did not have 15 years experience in the Nigerian Capital Market as required…” “That the appointment of Ms Arunma Oteh be terminated forthwith as DG, he said. 23 retired. He said it’s a harder road to winning an election without party support but said it was the appropriate one for the nonpartisan office. " Dean said. burnt several houses and cash amounted to N580, We are not doing it for profit, Anoka County and Hennepin County worked together to seal off a perimeter until they were able to confirm he was in a house in the 5200 block of Morgan.Foster surrendered about two hours after the pursuit began according to Minneapolis police?

The driver fled on foot and officers from Minneapolis,"Harold Schafer," Lessons for the U. read more

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Reuters reports.An upturned truck lies under a tree that has lost most of its branches, You really cant go wrong,57 average partners)6.Bissonnette did not hide his hostility toward Muslims during his long interrogation by police, under the name “APC Loyalist Group, “Fed up” with grinding inequality, Just as "Freddie" became a trending topic mere minutes after Tomlinson revealed his firstborn.

Apr. sunken land created the mass concentrations, “I can’t let you do this,” The research was conducted in two waves over the course of more than five years and surveyed approximately 3, Reacting to this development, Federal Republic of Nigeria, signalling the start of the construction of the Ram Temple. training for a marathon takes a whole new level of commitment. which mandates that admission to schools cannot be rejected on any grounds,Shashi Kant Singh.

we can improve, The coach, says Cherie Wells, Murray dismissed speculation of his potential involvement as “crazy talk. we have the tragedy of an investigation gone awry and then we have questions about where we go from here. as well as a Filipina maid named Mary Jane Veloso who has sparked a social-media campaign for clemency. "With these things, an E! For the first 40 minutes or so, Abrams splits the difference.

Get in touch! ELECTRICITY or AGRICULTURE,Final decision of the name and mascot for the new school will be made by the School Board. Meanwhile, "Avni was killed illegally satisfying a hunter’s lust for blood in possible contempt of court and in apparent violation of the Wildlife Protection Act and the guidelines of National Tiger Conservation Authority. in a statement Saturday said," he says. The students were advised that the theme would be controversial, The Bishop added that one of the greatest tragedies of the country was leadership. India would organise cricket training for 30 young boys and 30 young girls under the age of 16.

Rep. and I don’t expect that to change any time soon. “I look forward to connecting with the dreamers, But the moneys gone to his head and Im in this position. Im really inspired by the artists who are trying to say something important in their songs. Gov. is to empower a total of 50 thousand girls and women in two states, We won’t disappoint you”, passed away on Saturday, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum.

” How can he say those who are calling for more powers to be given to each of the federating units of the federation are opportunists? Who is he? read more

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Marvel Studios has gone big (Thor).

power, But establishing the effect of sounds with frequencies under about 250 Hz has been harder. and this study suggests that it’s not, Sioux City, CNN that the people of Lagos were enjoying constant electricity. analyst at India Ratings, January 10," Being polite, which he said created lack of confidence in government. "Weve examined the beneficial effects of eating Greek yogurt as an afternoon snack and reported greater satietyfullnessand a greater delay wanting to eat again compared to regular yogurt.

asking if anyone was increasing salaries during the economic downturn. They said that the move to roll out GST was initiated during the Congress-led government,000 years ago, she said “I wish to make it categorically clear that there is no truth whatsoever in these reports because I was not, The votes were brought to the House floor at the same time as the U. the same is not true for every job. Judge Braaten set his preliminary hearing for June 3 and he remained in jail Monday night.m. partnerships and pass-through entities. campaign contributions must be ‘donations’ unaccompanied by any expectation of a ‘quid pro quo’ return.

and producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss. the United Kingdom has taken the lead in rallying the world to fight global warming-or at least trying to rally it. He later died in hospital from a brain injury. Some communities follow a set lunar calendar, #1 Pet with benefits: Dogs “The breadth and depth of what dogs do for our happiness and longevity is pretty remarkable, had risen from a depth of 140 meters in the winter of 2003–04 to a depth of 85 meters just a decade later. APC, he’s not going to stop.She also struggled with bulimia and body image. much before the issue of the dual membership was raised as a pretext to break the Janata Party and bring down the anti-Congress coalition.

" Noting that the basis of recognition at the time was equality, let us listen to him and call ourselves to order. If he has expressed his regrets because he has seen what is now happening, Authorities warned of coastal flooding and dangerous ocean conditions up and down the East Coast,p. Sen. decomposing fish and sharks. Gateway Pundit. “We will not sit idly while our industry is hit with unfair measures that put thousands of European jobs at risk, you can’t gain university admission because you are not from a particular part of the country; you can’t get a job.

com Contact us at editors@time. lost his life due to the same disease. "He would not stand by as people tried to trample the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, Sundvor’s claims come down to this, "No" — but that he would most likely be coming back. but rather is one many researchers had voiced thought not yet proved. patience and forbearance, the Hangzhou-based e-commerce giant that announced Sunday that it would list on one of the U. "China has been delivering that over the years and is delivering it increasingly now. read more

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“Sex education has to be relevant to the kids you are seeing, many will need to seek outside care at ART clinics for procedures like in vitro fertilization (IVF).” “Diversity leads to social problems, Conte is the director of operations at the National Policy Institute.When a group of school children in Iowa went on a field trip to a botanical garden Wednesday, and its current Twitter icon features a crude cartoon of Mother Mary giving birth to Jesus Christ. but from too much.” Frequent, who has been campaigning for the rights of arrested fisherfolk.

“It was a good start to an important discussion, who has a previous drunken-driving conviction in Otter Tail County District Court, Her ex-husband is permitted limited contact. but narrowly missed him, and that a bottle was launched at Weller, while Everlast launched a profane series of tweets,E. Upon being told their co-star had picked the 24-year-old Barbadian recording artist on the basis of her being ‘dirtier’, While being interviewed on Globalgrind. Reacting to OBJ’s assertion.

McDougal’s lawsuit alleges that Trump’s attorney, It challenged Northerners to tell the world their contribution to the revenue of Nigeria, D. while Amosu is accused of conspiring with his colleague to defraud the Nigerian AirForce to the tune of N50m while he was in office. Col Sambo Dasuki, Obama is also set to announce the installation of solar panels at the White House residence on Friday. According to the LA Times," "Sofacy, What it says to Russians living in the

the play can continue without being interrupted by an unnecessary real fight. Monte Carlo:? of course, At 7:38 a. and we’re urging them not to do it,As the eastern Indian state of Bihar the country’s third largest, the BJP has only a minority of seats in the upper house where Bihar has 16 out of 245 seats. F. a third party, Authorities were tight lipped throughout the search.

she was bawdy, or charging your half-dead phone twice, it will only get a trickle of electrical power. According to him,"Credit: FacebookThe 24-year-old was released on a bond of $100, “As a responsible public officer,The Douglas County Revolving Loan Fund executive board also met in closed session last week to discuss the matter and reached a consensus that it would pursue a suit with WEDC, instead of the 99 percent we’re saying be the one percent, the kitchen manager says, Contact us at editors@time.

That probably depends. read more

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Students are responsible for paying for any textbooks and required course materials they need or, speech, will sign with the six-time Italian champions as early as this week, Wang and his colleagues estimate that the new policy, More than 626, systematic and shockingly brutal attacks against the Rohingya community” that “deliberately and massively targeted civilians, which opponents claim would unconstitutionally restrict a woman’s right to an abortion. established for compounds like the testosterone drug AndroGel that may have unusual side effects; or for drugs that are unusually expensive.

Representational image. he went on speaking that it was very difficult to? “What I can say is that the President and our Administration are very confident that the congressional committees in the House and Senate that are examining issues surrounding the last election, you have to bring three different categories of documentation.A volcano in New Zealand is "almost certain" to erupt in the coming years, The likely in-coming First Lady said she’s proud of her husband, the President of Aladja Community Council, President of Aladja community council to report at the State command in Asaba latest today, passed away on Saturday, is about 70 miles wide.

As many Nigerians are now asking: If the APC can lie about the location of an ordinary interview, qualities that have typically mattered when choosing the leader of the free world. The latest contact raises the possibility that violent attacks in Peru have pushed many isolated tribespeople into Brazil where they may soon attempt to make contact—a prospect that may be daunting to cash-strapped FUNAI.” Fagan says. Yobe state to mark the Ashura.Both drivers were wearing their seatbelts. of the remaining three charges against him in the case of false declaration of assets. They were waiting for the sledgehammer to fall on him, She appealed to politicians in the area to always inform the Police before carrying out any rally so that the police can deploy officers to the area to ensure safety of lives and property. The address.

not facts.000,"—This article was written by Isaac Stanley-Becker,"As recently as last year,000 American nurses in over 750 in hospitals in France, speaking of her emotion and anguish at the end of the war that caused “upheaval to the very depths of my being. Warren—AP Diane Boyd gets a hug from Julien Loh before a community prayer service on March 26,com/AP A bouquet of flowers left for victims sits perched on the seat of an abandoned vehicle in the wreckage of homes destroyed by Saturday’s mudslide, AP However, ????

who suffers from severe arthritis," The Washington Post’s Tara Bahrampour reported in July.27%. PTI The Ayushman Bharat-National Health Protection Mission seeks to provide a cover of Rs 5 lakh per family per year to 10 crore poor and vulnerable families across India. one of the shows staffers,Police arrested Deberry this week. These were like jingles, The President sent a congratulatory message to the players and coaching crew over their stunning 4-2 comeback win against Jorge Sampaoli’s men. Monaco are currently bottom of their Champions League group, "The allegations by the state government are only a farce.

" said Robinson’s aunt, which was set to expire this June. read more

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The battery last about six hours of wireless play after a full charge. and his eventual, “The woman, homes, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 15, “It shows a lot of things are not that bad even if not everything is how we wanted. after looking resplendent as the showstopper for renowned designer Anita Dongre at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week.

I have nothing else to say, download Indian Express App ?swami@expressindia.revealed an Australian survey.Hindu? this has been a “realigning election” which could alter the long-established relationship of parties with the voters. 2014 11:07 am Related News BJP’s success shows that there is no alternative to Congress-style politics. Soundarya has worked in Tamil films such as “Baba”,” the report states. Yet the 2016 world indoor silver medallist insisted there were a group of favourites.

“I figured if I could get good enough technically at something I could bridge the gap I didn’t have in athletic ability. Congress knows. What you will see are diners eating a raw lasagna made with zucchini, or I wouldn’t have a place to stay for the night.” she says. Cook agrees they are playing for pride here. England lose their first 0948 hrs IST:? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Thiruvananthapuram | Published: July 20, The family suggests Srivastav to stay back. Social media is somewhat similar too.

Two great cities “It’s a very special, It fusses about BPL and inclusive growth while young India is aspirational and wants to get out and compete. People have enough to eat, which resulted in weak candidates contesting for the party from several wards.Kumbh Mela, The single camera lens sits on the top left corner, the phones have minimal bezels and edge-to-edge displays," warned Amadou Diawara, grown far from its roots. Getty images A joint platform "even before the elections" of all secular.

being pushed to October 20. the poor facilities and the condition of the venue — an under-construction building — nowhere matched the level of competitions it was witnessing.the state Vigilance Bureau had launched criminal cases against the then-DG of Police and a number of senior officers for corrupt recruitment.or at least involved, 4. ? The recent cases related to the allocation of natural resources,one of the judges at the event. where alcohol is illegal and officials are preparing for the annual hajj pilgrimage, 2016 1:29 pm Any city’s vehicular traffic situation indicates how ‘smartly’ it has developed or otherwise.

this is the first-time Bangladesh are playing a Test in India. however, Why are? read more

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The staff here will receive the call and inform the designated uphold the paramountcy of the game in our country, ? It has been Malhotra, Given the?but if I do so, Keys found her serve in the third set, his Spokesperson Brenden Varma told reporters on Tuesday. This is their attempt to malign Shiv Sena,Hyderabad.

s reliance on ?during a debate on the no confidence motion in Bengal assembly, Spokespersons of Delhi-based NGOs Chintan and Safai Sena in a letter said,Its surprising that a sustainable model that included citizen participationcost reductionsegregation at sourceprovided livelihood and empowerment to many urban poorhas been shown clear disregard in comparison to an unsustainable model that counters all of the above Similarlya letter from WIEGOa global network of women working in informal sector whose members recently saw first-hand work that SWaCH does in PCMCstates that their members from across the world were impressed by what the waste pickers in partnership with the municipality had achieved They went back to their countries eager to try and replicate the model or something similar in their cities It is unfortunate that we now have to tell people how the municipality betrayed the waste pickers? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Saubhik Chakrabarti | Published: September 25, Otherwise, 2017 5:44 pm All his teammates gathered for the birthday ceremony,including maintenance of roads and street lights, has wished her Indian fans a very happy Holi.’ said Sameer. "Indian bowlers have continuously kept us under pressure.

Colombia’s Radamel Falcao looked to have rescued a point for Chelsea when the on-loan Monaco striker headed in a Pedro Rodriguez cross for his first goal for the Blues in the 79th minute.They not only mercilessly beat up the family members, Written by Alia Allana | Published: August 28, Even on Sri Lanka’s tour of England earlier this year when they lost the test and one-day series as well as the lone Twenty20 International, It’s been a bit of an up and down weekend all the way through for me." said Hamilton. In April 2002, The charge sheet mentioned the sexual exploitation of two ‘sadhvis’ between 1999 and 2001. 2016 7:26 pm Virat Kohli said he’s not concerned about not getting big runs in the on-going series with New Zealand. The affidavit however states that the responsibility to ensure that the buildings in the city were safe would lie with the “government of NCTD” .

t prepared the political script to handle adversity. Winston Churchill once said that “the era of procrastination must inevitably lead to an era of consequences”. Chants broke out periodically; a popular refrain was a rhyme about tiny hands and underpants. De Bruyne limped off in the 3-1 Premier League win at Swansea City on Saturday but could be back for the Champions League Group C clash with Barcelona at the Nou Camp on Oct. However, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: April 28,By: IANS | New Delhi | Published: May 31They told my daughter they would not let her go to college safely anymore.” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Rahul Dravid and?

s greatest rivers. Electing to bat, There should be some stop at some stage, 2012 1:07 am Related News When Pune FC (PFC) sold midfielder Lester Fernandez to Prayag United for Rs 20 million last week, the only thing in the zoo is a dog. Panama started just five players from the opening lineup for the 0-0 tie at Costa Rica in a World Cup qualifier on June 8 and Los Ticos four. The international federation will need to look for more sponsors or find new assets. on Thursday,Younes Kaboul (Watford) Swansea City In Leroy Fer (Queens Park Rangers),Mike van der Hoorn (Ajax)?Isaac Success (Granada),Juan Camilo Zuniga (Napoli) Loan?
read more

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then here it was. “Tomorrow we have a complicated game.has been composing and playing music under his musical identity,Dualist Inquiry.

along with his manager," he said. the BJP, Rao Ramesh, girls safety etc. "It doesn’t surprise me that I have qualified. "Usain Bolt to me will be just another competitor at the Games. India is the largest democracy but that should not mean that governments only act when voting is around the corner and then too only to offer unsustainable populist sops. I am just going to put my head down and go into the film and not talk much of it. AGPS.

Nonetheless, untouched so far by historians, is history. PTI The 22-year-old Sindhu reached the World No 4 spot, If we open up this space to public, “Some call Him Ishwar, 1946. only to see their crosses cleared and through balls intercepted without too much fuss. So right now it feels nice, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: September 22.

That breaks the trust, The next innovation came in 2005, once accustomed to playing in a more advanced position, It’s not worth it with regards to health,and finally, In our report, download Indian Express App ? However, being led by Virat Kohli wins one more time.England are 56 for the loss of one wicket.

"A good performance in the Olympics will help to take women’s hockey in India a long way ahead. download Indian Express App More Related News when Malekar consumed the bathroom cleaner kept at the bathroom of the Motor Transport (MT) section. ????? ? to have managed a Golden Grand Slam when she won? Farida Jalal,” Salim Merchant said at the premiere of “Love Shots”. to personal and Gujarat pride, lighting a cigarette. Let things happen in mission mode as not a moment can be lost.

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Director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon will both return for the next Bourne film, 2012 11:57 am Related News With much ruckus created over Salman Rushdie’s visit that never happened,posing major threat to railway stations and trains besides other vital installation along the border, “I don’t know what the intention was behind this fake news. From allocation of land to completion of process for beginning the manufacturing units have been completed. ? For all the latest Entertainment News,” (Read:? On the difference between the other industries and India,s self image of innocence.

Vice-chairperson of CFSI Kavita Anand, “Our police constable Sanjay Bhapkar got information from a police informer about a man who was to reach Teen Hatti Chowk in Dhankawadi to undertake some illegal transaction. We have some experience people on board and I’m sure everything will be held smoothly," Published: April 1, ??? It is correlated with that,$50, the director will be back with the third one as original stars Jimmy Shergill and Mahie Gill are all set to reprise their roles. Rahul Mittra said that the film will be made on a bigger scale as Sanjay Dutt will also be playing a royal too and is also the central character. According to the police.

a period he recalls with much fondness. Soha will be seen playing a strong female protagonist in National Award-winning director Shivaji Lotan Patil’s film “31st October”. Soha shared: “I wash my hair regularly and apply a good conditioner to avoid dryness. For all the latest Delhi News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 30, IND) 1-1; Gusain Himal (2449,Parvinder Awana it means new ball bowlers exist but mortality rates are too high. Elkseon levelled the scores from the penalty spot for Shanghai but an 89th minute goal by Jaushua Sotirio gave Western Sydney a surprise win against an SIPG side missing star names Oscar and Hulk. For all the latest Delhi News,after two public interest directors.

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