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India vs Sri Lanka, 1st T20I Highlights: This is how Yuzvendra Chahal derailed Lanka’s run chase

first_imgIndia beat Sri Lanka by 93 runs in the first T20I at the Barabati stadium in Cuttack.Sri Lanka Innings: 22.25 IST: A dominating performance from India here tonight! Yes, they had runs onthe board but still with the fear of dew factor looming around, they had to be at their best. The Indian spin twins, Yuzvendra Chahal andKuldeep Yadav once again came to the fore and spun the web in a gleefulmanner to leave the batsmen stunned. Their variations and ability tothrive under pressure has been the talking point for a while now.Together they shared the spoils by bowling 8 Overs, giving just 41 Runsand picking up 6 Wickets between them. Once they did the damage, Pandyadecided to take the advantage and came back well in the end to get three wickets to his name.22.16 IST: Pandya to Pradeep, OUT! And Hardik Pandya wraps things up! This is the biggest T20I win for India in terms of runs! That’s someway to get going in the series! Ball – Pandya bowls the cutter, it’s on the shorter side and Fernando backs away and chips it straight to Unadkat at point who takes a dolly. India (180/3) beat Sri Lanka (87) by 93 runs to go 1-0 up in three-match series. Chahal 4/23, Pandya 3/29, Kuldeep 2/18India take a 1-0 lead! Chahal leads the destruction as Sri Lanka are dismissed for just 87 in Cuttack, the hosts claiming victory in the 1st T20I by 93 runs #INDvSLScorecard: ICC (@ICC) December 20, 201722.14 IST: Pandya to Chameera, OUT! Good catch from Rahul! Pandya gets his second! Length delivery, angling in on middle. Chameera swings it across the line and it goes towards deep square leg where Rahul moves a couple of steps to his right and takes it neatly. Can Pandya wrap it up in this over? Sri Lanka 85/9 from 15.4 overs in chase of 181 vs India . Need 96 runs to win in 26 balls.22.11 IST: Sri Lanka 85/8 from 15 overs in chase of 181 vs India. Need 96 runs to win in 80 balls.22.10 IST: Bumrah to Chameera, FOUR! Runs are coming but it is perhaps too late. Full toss outside off, Chameera slices it behind point to pick up back-to-back boundaries.22.10 IST: Bumrah to Chameera, FOUR! On a length, Chameera clears his front leg and drags it off the bottom hand of the bat over mid off for a boundary.22.08 IST: Vishwa Fernando strides out next to bat. Also, Jasprit Bumrah comes back into the attack.22.06 IST: Pandya to Dananjaya, OUT! What a reflex catch from Pandya! He lands it on a length around middle, Akila backs away and flat-bats it straight down the ground. Pandya in his followthrough sticks his hands out and plucks it magnificently. Akila can’t believe and starts to walk back. Sri Lanka 76/8 from 14 overs in chase of 181 vs India. Need 105 runs to win in 36 balls.22.02 IST: Hardik Pandya back on.22.00 IST: Dushmantha Chameera the new man in.22.00 IST: Kuldeep to Kusal, OUT! Top edge! Kuldeep Yadav tosses it up around off, Perera gets down to slog sweep it but there is a bit of extra bounce and some turn off the deck which means the ball takes the top edge and goes high up in the air. Dhoni calls for it and takes easily. Sri Lanka 70/7 from 12.4 overs in chase of 181. Need 111 runs to win in 44 balls.21.56 IST: Fantastic bowling from Chahal 4-0-23-4. Sri Lanka are in big trouble – 62/5 after 11 overs. Is there any way back?#INDvSL LIVE: ICC (@ICC) December 20, 201721.55 IST: Akila Dananjaya is the new man in21.51 IST: Chahal to Perera, OUT! Stumped! A 4-fer for Chahal! What a spell from him! In every over he has picked up a wicket, that is exceptional from Yuzi! He sees Perera giving a charge and so he smartly bowls a googly wider that the batsman’s reach. Thisara swings across the line and gets beaten. Dhoni behind the stumps is quick to take the bails off and claims a stumping. It’s taken upstairs and replays show the Sri Lankan skipper is well short. Can Chahal pick up a 5-fer here?Sri Lanka 62/6 from 11.1 overs in chase of 181. Need 119 runs to win in 53 balls.21.48 IST: Thisara Perera, the skipper is the new man in! 123 required from 58 ball. What can Perera do here?21.47 IST: Kuldeep to Shanaka, OUT! Kuldeep opens his account as well! Tosses it up around middle, it’s the wrong ‘un. Shanaka tries to go big down the ground but is undone in the flight. Miscues it high in the air towards long on where Pandya comes sprinting in to take a safe catch. Half the side back in the hut for Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka 58/5 from 10.2 overs in chase of 181. Need 123 runs to win in 58 balls.advertisement21.45 IST: Sri Lanka 57/4 from 10 overs in chase of 181 vs India. Need 124 runs to win in 60 balls.21.42 IST: Dasun Shanaka is the new man in.21.41 IST: Chahal to Gunaratne, OUT! Stumped! Asela comes and he perishes! This wasn’t the cleanest of the takes from MS but India wouldn’t mind it at all. Chahal continues to weave his magic, third one for him! Chahal bowls it quicker, it’s fuller and around the pads. Gunaratne looks to flick it away but loses his balance while doing so. The ball goes to Dhoni who fumbles but has the presence of mind to keep his gloves low on the stumps so that the ball ricochets onto the stumps. Sri Lanka in dire straits. Sri Lanka 55/4 from 9 overs in chase of 181. Need 126 runs to win in 66 balls. 21.40 IST: Another quiet over from Kuldeep. Sri Lanka 54/3 in 9 overs. Need 127 to win from 66 balls.21.34 IST: Asela Gunaratne strides out to bat next. The asking rate is close to 11 RPO. Can he strike a few to get his team back on track?21.32 IST: Chahal to Mathews, OUT! Caught and bowled! Chahal gets his second! Mathews’ struggle at the crease comes to an end. Yuzvendra tosses it up around middle, it stops a bit on the pitch. Angelo lunges forward to drive but ends up chipping it straight back to the bowler who accepts the catch gleefully. He dismissed him in the third ODI and does so again. Sri Lanka are in huge trouble now. Sri Lanka 46/3 from 7.2overs in chase of 181. Need 135 runs to win in 76 balls.21.26 IST: Kuldeep Yadav into the attack.21.25 IST: End of powerplay. Sri Lanka 40/2 in 6 overs in chase of 181. Need 141 runs to win in 84 balls. India have removed both Sri Lanka openers in the powerplay, the visitors 40/2 after the first six overs, just a single run coming from Bumrah’s first over. India on top?#INDvSL LIVE: ICC (@ICC) December 20, 201721.23 IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack.21.20 IST: Angelo Mathews is the new man in. 142 needed from 91 balls.21.19 IST: Chahal to Tharanga, OUT! Caught down the leg side! Excellent take from Dhoni, he dropped him in the previous over but takes a good one to limit the damage! To be honest, this wasn’t a wicket-taking delivery by any means. Chahal bowls it down the leg side, Tharanga looks to sweep it away but all he manages is a tickle and Dhoni is quick to take it to his right behind. Replays show there was a clear edge there.21.17 IST: Chahal to Tharanga, SIX! That’s gone all the way! Tharanga comes down the track, isn’t to the pitch of the ball either but trusts his power and goes bang over long on. Tremendous hit that.advertisement21.16 IST: Chahal to Tharanga, FOUR! Nicely done! Chahal bowls it around middle and leg, Upul knows the man is inside the circle on the leg side and so he takes his chance. Sweeps it cleanly over the man at short fine leg for a boundary.21.15 IST: Yuzvendra Chahal into the attack.21.07 IST: Another 11-run over from Pandya. Sri Lanka 27/1 in 3 overs in chase of 18121.06 IST: Pandya to Tharanga, SIX! Ahhh! Mind blowing! Length delivery on middle, Tharanga just waits for it and dispatches it over mid-wicket. All power as the ball sails over the fence for a maximum.21.02 IST: Kusal Perera walks out next.20.59 IST: Unadkat to Dickwella, OUT! Got him! Unadkat strikes in his very first over! Maiden T20I wicket for him and he has his hands aloft in celebration! Bowls a slower one, just outside off, Dickwella is ages early into the shot. His bottom hands comes off and as a result he ends up mistiming it high in the air towards extra cover. KL Rahul moves a few steps to his right and grabs it easily. Dickwella departs cheaply. Sri Lanka 15/1 in 1.4 overs in chase of 18120.55 IST: Unadkat to Dickwella, FOUR! Welcome Unadkat, says Dickwella! Jaydev bowls a length delivery, angling in, Niroshan walks across and just chips it over mid-wicket for a boundary.20.55 IST: Jaydev Unadkat is asked to bowl from the other end.20.54 IST: Pandya to Dickwella, FOUR! Five runs from it.20.50 IST: We are back for the chase. The Sri Lankan openers are Niroshan Dickwella and Upul Tharanga. Watch out for the former, he was it in him to provide a rollicking start. Hardik Pandya is asked to open the bowling for India. Let’s go.India Innings:20.38 IST: India post 180/3 in 20 overs vs Sri Lanka at Cuttack. Rahul 61, Dhoni 39*, Pandey 32*Excellent finish from India! The unbeaten stand of 68 from 34 balls between Dhoni and Pandey has given India more than one would have thought. Being put into bat, India lost Rohit early but KL Rahul, on his return made the most of the opportunity that he got. He scored a brilliant 61 and got good support from Iyer. However, both of them got dismissed rather quickly but Dhoni and Pandey made sure they don’t let the momentum slip away. They scored 65 from the last 5 overs to end the innings on a high.Dhoni and Pandey’s late charge pushes India to 180/3 after good work from Sri Lanka to stem the flow of runs after KL Rahul’s 61. Will it be enough for victory?#INDvSL LIVE: ICC (@ICC) December 20, 201720.37 IST: Perera to Dhoni, SIX! No, he doesn’t! Tries to go for the yorker again but it’s a full toss, a cardinal sin. Dhoni gives it a full swing of the bat and deposits it high and over the deep square leg fence to end the innings with a maximum. 12 from the over and INDIA FINISH ON 180/3!20.33 IST: Pradeep to Pandey, FOUR! Makes the most of the Free Hit! Another full toss, this time outside off. Pandey belts it through covers and the man in the deep stood no chance to cut that off. What an over for India, 21 runs off it! Pradeep has gone for 38 in his 4 overs!20.33 IST: Pradeep to Pandey, SIX! It’s a no ball as well! Pradeep seems to be losing his rhythm here! Bowls a waist high full toss, Pandey arches back a touch and just ramps it over the keeper to send it all the way. Free Hit coming up as well.20.31 IST: Pradeep to Dhoni, FOUR! And there he goes! Pradeep in his quest to keep bowling the yorkers, ends up delivering a full toss to Dhoni. The Indian keeper at this stage won’t miss out. He bludgeons it over mid-wicket as the ball bounces just inside the rope.20.24 IST: Perera to Dhoni, FOUR! Nicely done! Slower delivery down the leg side, Dhoni moves inside the line and rolls his wrists well to ensure that the man at short fine leg had no chance to stop it from crossing the fence.20.21 IST: 19 runs off the Chameera over. India 138/3 in 17 overs.20.19 IST: Chameera to Pandey, FOUR! More runs! Chameera looks clueless! Tries the yorker but ends up serving it a bit too full outside off. Pandey is up for it as he makes a bit of room and goes inside out over extra cover for a boundary.20.18 IST: Chameera to Pandey, SIX! That’s gone a long way! What a shot, that is! Fuller in length, angling in on middle and leg. What does Pandey do? He clears his front leg and smacks it high and handsomely over the deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum.20.16 IST: Chameera to Dhoni, FOUR! Boom! Dhoni gets the crowd going now! Back of a length delivery, angling in on middle, Dhoni comes down the track and muscles the pull over mid-wicket for a boundary. A much-needed one for the Indians.20.11 IST: India 114/3 in 15 overs.20.10 IST: Manish Pandey is the new man in!20.09 IST: Perera to Rahul, OUT! Slower one does the trick for Perera! He persisted with it and gets the result he wanted! Removes the dangerous Rahul here. Bowls a slower one on the stumps, Rahul gets down on one knee to slog it across the line but is outfoxed by the lack of pace on it. The ball sneaks under his bat and disturbs the timber behind. Rahul walks back after playing a classic knock. Can Sri Lanka continue to chip away at the wickets now? India 112/3 in 14.3 overs.20.06 IST: Thisara Perera is back into the attack. He was expensive in his first over.20.03 IST: Dananjaya to Dhoni, FOUR! That’s hit really hard! Tossed up delivery around middle, Dhoni once again skips down the track and belts it back. Rahul at the other hand takes evasive action as the ball goes through his legs to the long on fence for a boundary.20.00 IST: Huge cheer from the crowd as MS Dhoni walks out next to bat!19.59 IST: Pradeep to Iyer, OUT! Edged and taken! Pradeep is getting the extra bounce which is helping his cause! He hits the length hard, it’s a bit outside off. Iyer makes room to go over point but the extra bounce gets the better of him. Gets an outside edge which flies into the gloves off the keeper. The threatening stand has been broken at the right time by the Lankans. India 101/2 in 12.4 overs.19.54 IST:  Dananjaya to Iyer, FOUR! Deft from Iyer! Quicker through the air outside off, Iyer waits for the ball and then at the very last moment, opens the face of the bat and runs it down to third man fence for a boundary.19.49 IST: Fernando to Rahul, FOUR! 50-run stand comes up! Length delivery outside off, a bit wide as well, Rahul flays it over point for a boundary.19.47 IST: 2nd T20I fifty for KL Rahul! Shortish delivery, Rahul plays it with soft hands and scurries to the other end. A top class knock from the opener. This has been a two-paced wicket but he has adjusted beautifully. India 84/1 in 10 overs.#TeamIndia march on with the help of @klrahul11’s half century. Last 10 overs remaining #INDvSL BCCI (@BCCI) December 20, 201719.45 IST: Pradeep to Rahul, FOUR! Freebie and taken full toll of! On a length on the pads, Rahul clips it over short fine leg for a boundary.19.43 IST: Mathews to Rahul, SIX! What a response from the batsman! He was expecting a bouncer after getting hit. Takes guts to take on the pull and execute it to perfection. Short ball on middle and leg, Rahul smashes it with aplomb over backward square leg for a maximum.19.36 IST: Perera to Rahul, FOUR! Rahul is flowing at the moment. Good length ball on off, Rahul takes a couple of steps down the track and lofts it cleanly over covers to find the ropes.19.31 IST: NOT OUT! Rahul survives as DRS confirms the ball was missing the leg stump. India 50/1 in 6.1 overs19.29 IST: Mathews to Rahul, given OUT leg-before wicket! but he has gone for the review. India 50/1 in 6.1 overs19.28 IST: End of powerplay! Chameera concedes 12 runs from his over including two back-to-back boundaries. India 50/1 in 6 overs19.27 IST: Chameera to Shreyas, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! Fullish and straying on the pads, Iyer clips it with good timing past the short fine leg fielder to find the ropes again.19.27 IST: Chameera to Shreyas, FOUR! Shot! Short and room on offer, Iyer pounces on it and crashes it through backward point to find the fence.19.24 IST: Shreyas Iyer is the new man in. The youngster has been in good form and will be eager to continue his run.19.22 IST: WICKET! Rohit Sharma c Chameera b Mathews 17 (13 balls). India 38/1 in 5 overs vs Sri Lanka at Cuttack 19.20 IST: Mathews to Rahul, FOUR! Easy pickings! On a length on leg stump, Rahul hops and tucks it through the vacant backward square leg region to pick up a boundary.19.17 IST: Dananjaya to Rohit, FOUR! Brilliant shot! Short delivery outside off, ample time for Sharma to rock back and slap it through covers for a majestic boundary. With that, Rohit Sharma reaches 1500 runs in T20I cricket. He is the second Indian after Virat Kohli to reach the landmark. India 29/0 in 3.4 overs19.16 IST: Dananjaya to Rahul, FOUR!12.14 IST: India 20/0 in 3 overs. Rohit 11*, Rahul 9* 19.12 IST: Chameera to Rahul, FOUR! Not from the meat off the bat but gets the desired result. Good length delivery around off, Rahul tries to go inside out but slices it over the cover region. Kusal Perera sprints after it, puts in a swimming pool dive but comes second best.19.10 IST: Excellent over from Dananjaya, gave away just 3 runs from the other end. India 13/0 in 2 overs vs Sri Lanka at Cuttack 19.06 IST: Good over for India, 10 runs came of the first over from debutant Fernando. India 10/0 in 1 over vs Sri Lanka at Cuttack 19.02 IST: Fernando to Rohit, FOUR! Crisp! That flew from the bat. Fuller in length on off, Rohit Sharma drives it beautifully through covers and away she goes to the fence.19.00 IST: The players are all in readiness for the National Anthems. It will be Sri Lanka first followed by India. After the completion, we are set to get underway. There is a lot of buzz around. ROHIT SHARMA and KL RAHUL will open for India.Pre-match updates:18.50 IST: India captain, Rohit Sharma says that they would have bowled first as well. Mentions that a game is being played after a year on this ground so he is not sure how the track will play. States that dew will be there throughout the match and as a result no side has an undue advantage. Feels that they didn’t have the start they would have liked to in the Tests and ODIs but is confident of doing well in this format.18.35 IST: India have rested Shikhar Dhawan and brought back KL Rahul in the playing XI. Jaydev Unadkat replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar18.30 IST: TOSS! Sri Lanka win the toss and opt to bowl vs India at the Barabati stadium in Cuttack18.29 IST: Left-arm fast bowler Vishwa Fernando will be making his debut for Sri Lanka in this match18.27 IST: Jasprit Bumrah will spearhead the pace attack with all-rounder Hardik Pandya.Exciting young brigade in the house #TeamIndia #INDvSL Ravi Shastri (@RaviShastriOfc) December 19, 201718.25 IST: India will be playing with a new-look pace attack in the T20I series.Say hello to our new pace attack comprising @JUnadkat, Mohammed Siraj and Basil Thampi. #TeamIndia #INDvSL BCCI (@BCCI) December 19, 2017Brief Preview:India will hope the likes of Mohammad Siraj, Basil Thampi and Jaydev Unadkat support Jasprit Bumrah as they seek to extend their domination over Sri Lanka in the T20 International series.India, who demolished Sri Lanka 9-0 across formats in their own den earlier this year, won the three-Test series and ODI series on the islanders’ return visit. The hosts have rested some of their key players ahead of the tour of South Africa.Consequently, three young pacers along with the likes of Deepak Hooda and Washington Sundar have been included in the team.Sundar made his ODI debut during India’s second ODI against Sri Lanka in Mohali last week.India’s batting will heavily rely on skipper Rohit Sharma, who will have KL Rahul for company at the top. Having lost his first match as captain, Sharma’s record double hundred led a 141-run rout in Mohali and he will look to continue that form in the shortest format. A good start will be crucial for India to minimise the workload on the middle and lower order, which will be steered by Dhoni whose ability was doubted in the series against New Zealand.Saurashtra left-arm pacer Unadkat, who last played in a T20I against Zimbabwe in June last year, has been recalled and India have three first-timers in Washington Sundar, Basil Thampi and Deepak Hooda. Baroda all-rounder Hooda had scored the fourth fastest Twenty20 century (108) by an Indian during the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy in February. It remains to be seen, however, if he’s handed his debut cap with India already having two finishers in Dhoni and Hardik Pandya.In the pace department, death bowling specialist Bumrah will shoulder the responsibility after Bhuvneshwar Kumar was rested. Kerala pacer Thampi has shown his ability to bowl yorkers.last_img read more

ISL teams in I-League second division

first_imgIndian Super League ISL teams’ reserve squad could play in I-League Second Division Last updated 2 years ago 05:25 14/9/2017 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Bidyananda Singh Bengaluru FC training session Bengaluru FC Indian Super League I-League I-League 2nd Division The ISL teams have an opportunity to ply their trade in the I-League second division this season… The Indian Super League (ISL) franchises could also field a team in the I-League second division in the 2017-18 season.As per the ISL regulations, every team has the option to field a reserve team, which shall comprise of domestic players.These set of reserve players would be in addition to the first and the youth teams. Interestingly, the wages paid for the reserve team players wouldn’t be counted when the salary cap is taken into account. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘I’m getting better’ – Can Man Utd flop Fred save his Old Trafford career? Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing There was a proposal back in June that the reserve teams of ISL clubs be allowed to ply their trade in the I-League second division. However, it was suggested that a league comprising of Public Sector Units (PSU) and the ISL reserve teams would be formed with the expenses to be borne by the participants.However, there hasn’t been much progress made on that front and as a consequence, the ISL teams can now give their reserve squad an opportunity to compete in the I-League second division though they won’t get promoted.The League Committee comprising of Subrata Dutta, Lalnghinglova Hmar, B K Roka, Anil Kumar, Souter Vaz, Chirag Tanna and Rochak Langer are expected to announce their decision on the said matter soon.Among the ISL teams, Bengaluru FC, FC Goa, Delhi Dynamos and Chennaiyin FC have a reserve squad at their disposal.last_img read more

Ligue 1 Rising Star: Martin Terrier

first_imgLigue 1 Taking on all comers – Meet Everton target and Ligue 1 Rising Star Martin Terrier Robin Bairner Last updated 1 year ago 20:15 12/12/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Martin Terrier France U21 Getty Ligue 1 Strasbourg Bordeaux v Strasbourg PSG v Lille Bordeaux PSG Lille The 20-year-old has made a discreet start to his professional career but is showing signs of exploding onto the big stage Martin Terrier scored perhaps the goal of the weekend in France. Gathering possession inside his own half, with apparently little on, the Strasbourg forward set about charging down the field, punching a huge hole in the Bordeaux defence before calmly beating goalkeeper Benoit Costil.It was a goal the great Dennis Bergkamp would have been proud of, with the Dutchman one of the great heroes of the mobile attacker since he watched the Arsenal star score his famous effort against Newcastle.This was Racing’s final strike of a 3-0 victory away from home and proved to be the culmination of a momentous week for Thierry Laurey’s side, who six days earlier had become the first team to beat Paris Saint-Germain this season.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Only six years ago, they were playing in the French fifth division after financial problems, yet they have lifted themselves rapidly to the heart of the Ligue 1 table, and the contribution of the 20-year-old France Under-21 attacker, who is at the club on loan from Lille, has been one of their most impressive facets.Martin Terrier LOSCTerrier’s statistics this season have been relatively modest – three league goals, including that spectacular solo effort at the weekend, plus a couple of assists – yet the overall contribution he has made to the team has been formidable. Indeed, since he pinned down a position as a regular starter following a goal off the bench against Dijon in September, Strasbourg have suffered only one defeat when he has played.“There’s been a radical change in his character since September,” his father, Frederic, who played as a striker for Hazebrouck in France’s third tier, told L’Equipe. “Before, he trusted himself but did not display it.”Now, the forward is more than happy to talk himself up. “I’ve got a lot of confidence in myself,” admits Martin. “It can be dangerous, but my head’s on my shoulders. I’m just aware of what I can do and that’s important in this business.”At Lille, it was not always evident that he had the self-belief to make it to the top, with former boss Frederic Antonetti having admitted to being frustrated with the player.Martin Terrier France Espoirs“His integration with the first team was done in small doses, I’m not sure he realised his potential,” he told Canal+. “After a few sessions, I went to him and said: ‘I don’t know if you’re good or bad – I can’t see you’.”Despite this inauspicious start in the professional realm, Terrier has long been a player earmarked for success, having come through LOSC’s youth ranks to impress towards the end of last season when he was given his first fleeting glimpses of top-flight action, including a goal against Montpellier for his boyhood club.Everton were linked with a move for the attacker in the summer, and he has excelled on the international scene with France’s youth side, leading the way in European Championship qualifying scoring, having tallied seven goals in only five outings. Within 31 minutes of arriving on the field as a substitute for his U21 debut, he had a hat-trick to his name against Kazakhstan. Martin Terrier Strasbourg Angers 28102017Now he has started to translate his confidence onto the field with Strasbourg, and his qualities have certainly not gone unnoticed by his team-mates.“He’s a player we’re still discovering a little,” captain Kader Mangane admitted to RMC. “His maturity is impressive. He works a lot in training. He gives depth to our game, he keeps the ball when he gets it. He’s never tired. He’s got a huge future if he continues like this.”After a quiet start to his professional career, there is a sense that Terrier is about to explode – and his stunning goal against Bordeaux may just be the spark that was required.last_img read more

Interested People Invited to Discuss Pensions

first_imgA panel appointed by the province is seeking public input about registered pension plans. The panel, appointed in February, released a discussion paper today, May 27. The panel is inviting comments and suggestions from employees, employers and pension professionals about ways to improve the regulation of pensions under the Pension Benefits Act. “This public consultation will help us make recommendations for changes to the legislation that will make pension plans work better for both employers and employees,” said Bill Black, chair of the pension review committee and former president and CEO of Maritime Life. Forty-one per cent of employed, paid workers in the province contribute to registered pension plans. Plans subject to the act include private employers’ plans, universities, municipalities, multi-employer pension plans, hospitals and nursing homes, and non-teaching school board staff. Mr. Black is serving on the review panel with Ronald Pink, founding partner of Halifax law firm Pink Breen Larkin, and Dick Crawford, also a former president of Maritime Life as well as past-president of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. The deadline for comments on the paper is July 4. The discussion paper can be viewed online at or by calling 1-800-567-7544.last_img read more

H1N1 Human Swine Influenza Update June 11

first_imgNova Scotia’s public health system continues to track and respond to H1N1 (human swine influenza). At this time, that work will not be affected by the World Health Organization’s decision today, June 11, to raise the pandemic alert to level 6. “Moving to level 6 simply means that the virus has spread to additional countries. It does not mean that the virus has become more severe,” said Dr. Robert Strang, chief public health officer for the province. “However, being at the World Health Organization’s highest alert phase does underline the urgency of the work we are doing and the importance of remaining vigilant.” The outbreak is not over. Cases of H1N1 continue to be reported in Nova Scotia. So far, the virus is behaving like a typical flu-like illness, and most people are being treated at home. However, many experts believe the virus could become more common and more severe. Two new cases have been reported in the past seven days. The total number of cases reported in Nova Scotia since the outbreak began on April 26 is now 79. Nova Scotia continues to work closely with provincial and territorial partners, as well as the Public Health Agency of Canada, to continually assess the H1N1 situation and adapt strategy as required. This includes monitoring the more severe cases in northern Manitoba and Nunavut. People are reminded that the best way to stay healthy is to take preventative action: washing hands thoroughly and often; using an arm to cover coughs and sneezes; and frequently cleaning and disinfecting common surfaces and items such as doorknobs and counters. If people have influenza-like symptoms they should stay home and minimize contact with family members. If symptoms worsen, they should visit a physician or a walk-in clinic. It is important for Nova Scotians to understand that it is safe to go to work and school, participate in school activities and to socialize, if they do not have influenza-like symptoms. For more information on H1N1 (human swine influenza), visit .last_img read more

In the news today Nov 21

first_imgSeven stories in the news for Monday, Nov. 20———FEDS ON ALERT AFTER U.S. DECISION ON HAITIANSA decision to end a temporary residency permits for almost 60,000 Haitians in the United States has the Canadian government on alert for a potential new surge of asylum seekers. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says he is following the situation closely and contingency plans are in place for a variety of “what if” scenarios. Haitians were placed on notice earlier this year, prompting waves of people to cross illegally into Canada to claim asylum.———MICHAEL REDHILL CAPTURES $100K GILLER PRIZEFor more than a decade, Toronto author Michael Redhill has been publishing mystery novels under the pseudonym Inger Ash Wolfe, but on Monday it was a piece of literary fiction bearing his actual name that won the $100,000 Scotiabank Giller Prize. The thriller “Bellevue Square,” about a woman on the hunt for her doppelganger in Toronto, was praised by jury members for its “complex literary wonders” as it nabbed the prestigious honour.———QUEBEC SET TO UNVEIL PERSONAL INCOME TAX CUTS TODAYQuebec’s finance minister is expected to announce personal income tax cuts today as well as changes to the province’s welfare system. Carlos Leitao will give details when he releases an economic update in Quebec City. In a video posted to Facebook last week, Leitao said Quebecers in the “middle tax brackets” will benefit from the cuts.———MANITOBA THRONE SPEECH TODAYManitoba’s Progressive Conservative government is to lay out its agenda for the coming year in a throne speech this afternoon. Plans are likely to include more cost-cutting measures as the government tries to fulfil a promise to cut the deficit and balance the budget by 2024. The new session comes as Premier Brian Pallister recovers from multiple fractures in his left arm after a hiking accident in New Mexico last week.———BODY OF MISSING QUEBEC MAN FOUND IN CALIFORNIAThe body of a 25-year-old man from Sherbrooke, Que., who had been missing for two weeks in northern California, has been found. Police in Arcata say the body of Felix Desautels-Poirier was found in a marsh in a city park by a member of his family. U.S. authorities say they are awaiting a coroner’s report to determine the cause of death, but for now, they say there are no signs of criminal activity. Desautels-Poirier had travelled with friends to California and was last seen with friends in Arcata, about 500 kilometres north of San Francisco.———JURY SELECTION RESUMES AT TRIAL OF MAN IN POLICE DEATHJury selection is set to resume today in the trial of a Nova Scotia man accused of killing an off-duty police officer. Christopher Calvin Garnier is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Truro police Const. Catherine Campbell. The 29-year-old man is also charged with interfering with a dead body. Garnier has pleaded not guilty to both charges.———MONTREAL WAX MUSEUM TO UNVEIL TRUDEAU STATUEMontreal’s Grevin wax museum will unveil a statue of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tonight. It was sculpted by Paris-based artist Eric Saint Chaffray and will be housed in the museum in the downtown Montreal Eaton Centre. A spokesperson for Grevin Montreal said the real Trudeau is not expected to attend the party.———ALSO IN THE NEWS TODAY:— Auditor General Michael Ferguson’s 2017 Fall Report will be tabled in the House of Commons.— The fifth round of NAFTA talks are expected to wrap up today in Mexico City.— Alberta Premier Rachel Notley will give a speech in Ottawa on the importance of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.— Statistics Canada will release the wholesale trade figures and travel data for September.— Campaign 2000 will release its annual national Report Card on Child and Family Poverty.— Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor and Liberal MP Bill Blair will make an announcement about marijuana regulations.— The Canadian Nurses Association and MPs will discuss reducing the harms of non-medical cannabis use.— Alberta will commemorate Holodomor, a mass famine in Ukraine the 1930s that killed millions of people.— The Fraser Institute will release a study examining the economies of First Nations across Canada.— Gov. Gen. Julie Payette will visit an Ottawa-area public school being renamed in her honour.— The host of the 2018 Juno awards will be announced.last_img read more

BC resource and tourism industries braced as wildfires rip through forests

first_imgTourists are still filling golf courses and shops in Kimberley, B.C., but the smoke-filled city’s unique SunMine solar power project is operating at less than half of capacity as nearby forest fires continue to rage.Wildfires that have destroyed thousands of hectares of trees and filled the sky with thick smoke have put companies in B.C.’s resource and tourism industries on high alert.“Our main industry is really tourism, you know, mountain biking and hiking,” said Scott Sommerville, chief administrative officer at Kimberley, which issued an evacuation alert late Thursday that remained in place on Friday afternoon.“Downtown has been very busy … I’ve heard the golf courses are very busy,” he said. “Obviously, that’s going to change, we’re the No. 1 news story in B.C. today so that might affect tourism a little bit.”The city recently signed a letter of intent to sell the one-megawatt-capacity SunMine power plant to Teck Resources Ltd., the mining company that owns the retired mine on which it was built three years ago. The deal is to go to a referendum in October during the municipal election.The project, B.C.’s largest solar power plant, was supposed to generate profits for the municipality but last year heavy smoke from fires meant it barely broke even and the results are expected to be the same this year given this summer’s smoky conditions, Sommerville said.About 436,000 hectares of forest have been consumed so far by the fires, said B.C. Wildfire Service chief fire information officer Kevin Skrepnek in an update conference call on Friday afternoon.A lack of rain in weather forecasts suggest there’s little hope that the fire danger will decrease over the weekend, he said.“There are areas that are obviously curtailed for harvesting (wood) because of the wildfire conditions,” said B.C. Forests Minister Doug Donaldson during the same call.“At this point we haven’t seen any curtailments as a direct result of the fire, in mills, but if the fire season persists, we likely will see an impact on log supply until we can make it safe to get back into the woods again.”Industry has been lending equipment and personnel to help build fireguards to fight the fires, he added.Vancouver-based Conifex Timber announced on Thursday that it was temporarily shutting down operations at its mill in Fort St. James, B.C., due to an anticipated evacuation order.In a post on its website, Vancouver-based West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. says it will keep its B.C. lumber, pulp and panel manufacturing mills operating as long as it is safe, but advises employees to make sure their supervisors have up-to-date contact information in case they have to evacuate.“The most important thing is the health and safety of all our West Fraser employees and their families who have been impacted by the fires in B.C.,” said CEO Ted Seraphim on the site.“This is a challenging time during which I am grateful of all the efforts of our employees who are working to protect our mills, fight forest fires and support each other.”Spokeswoman Tara Knight said all of the company’s mills were still operating on Friday afternoon but it is a “dynamic situation” that requires constant monitoring.B.C. mining operations owned by Teck are also not being impacted by the fires, said spokesman Chad Pederson on Friday, adding the company has response plans in place at all of its operations.Follow @HealingSlowly on Twitter.Companies mentioned in this article: (TSX:TECK.B, TSX:WFT)last_img read more

Stelco shares climb more than 10 per cent as CEO downplays tariff

first_imgHAMILTON — Shares of Stelco Holdings Inc. have climbed more than 10 per cent after the company downplayed expected impacts of tariffs.The Hamilton-based steel producer says it paid about $39 million in tariffs in the third quarter but expects a meaningful drop the fourth quarter as it sells more products into the Canadian market.The company reported adjusted earnings of $135 million or $1.52 per share, compared with analyst expectations of $164 million or $1.54 per share according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.Despite the miss, shares were up $1.82 or 10.1 per cent at $19.87 in mid-afternoon trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Stelco chief executive Alan Kestenbaum said in an earnings conference call that the company’s investments in higher-quality products has helped open more opportunities, including within the automotive sector.He says the company is also looking to create more value on the real estate side. Stelco bought more than 1,200 hectares of land in June, including nearly 324 hectares in the Toronto-Hamilton area. Companies in this story: (TSX:STLC)The Canadian Presslast_img read more

On Day of Solidarity with Palestinian people UN officials urge peace talks

“This year’s observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People takes place at a critical time for the Middle East and the world,” said Secretary-General Kofi Annan. “Escalating violence and significant loss of life, mostly among Palestinians, but also Israelis, have increased mutual mistrust and animosity.” Stressing that the parties must pursue peace, Mr. Annan said both sides should realize that violence and the excessive use of force were the enemies of progress. “I share the hopes expressed by President Bush and US Secretary of State Powell that the Israeli occupation will soon end, and that two States – Israel and Palestine – will before long live side by side in peace with mutual respect and security,” he said.Also addressing participants, the President of the UN Security Council, Ambassador Patricia Durrant of Jamaica, agreed that in the current climate of violence, all concerned must engage in a concerted effort to check the hostilities and stop the suffering. The parties should unequivocally demonstrate the will to implement agreements reached to date, she added, pledging the Council’s readiness to assist in this effort.The Chairman of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, Papa Louis Fall, welcomed the meeting between Yasser Arafat and Shimon Peres, and the fact that the need to create an independent Palestinian State had been publicly acknowledged by the United States and the European Union. At the same time, he stressed that the UN must remain seized of the question of Palestine until the matter had been resolved in all its aspects.Echoing this view, General Assembly President Han Seung-soo of the Republic of Korea, said the UN had a “special responsibility regarding the question of Palestine, until it is effectively resolved” comprehensively. “It is incumbent on all of us to see to it that this objective is accomplished,” he said. In a message to the gathering, Yasser Arafat, President of the Palestinian Authority, called for a more active intervention by the UN in securing the rights of the Palestinian people – a task which he said would require, among other steps ending the Israeli occupation and establishing an independent State with Jerusalem as its capital. The message was delivered on President Arafat’s behalf by the Permanent Observer for Palestine to the UN, Nasser Al-Kidwa. read more

UN Member States appraise Global Action Plan to combat human trafficking

“No effort must be spared to bring to an end the servitude of millions, while helping the survivors rebuild their lives,” General Assembly President Vuk Jeremic told the opening of the two-day high-level meetings on improving the coordination of efforts against trafficking in persons. He said that human trafficking is now a global criminal enterprise that ensnares millions of people into forced labour and domestic servitude, sexual work and child soldiering. According to 2005 estimates released by the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO), profits generated in the sex industry alone are as high as $32 billion a year. During the high-level meeting, countries will examine progress made on the UN Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons. Adopted in 2010, the Plan calls for integrating the fight against human trafficking into the United Nations’ broader programmes to boost development and strengthen security around the world.Today’s discussions focus on its four pillars – preventing trafficking, prosecuting offenders, protecting victims and forming partnerships to fight trafficking.The Plan also set up the UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children. In his remarks, Mr. Jeremic urged Member States, philanthropic organizations and the private sector to increase its support for the trust fund, created by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, noting that it “provides indispensible humanitarian, legal and financial aid for those most directly affected.” Nearly one-third of all victims of human trafficking officially detected around the world between 2007 and 2010 were children, according to a report released in December 2012 by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) citing data from 132 countries. Also addressing the Assembly, the Secretary-General reiterated calls for support to the Fund, urging Member States and partners to give “generously.” He also noted the importance of universal ratification of key international treaties, including the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children. More than 154 countries have now ratified the Protocol which has been in force since 2003 and is overseen by UNODC. As well as the Convention against Transnational Organized Crime to which 175 countries are parties.“Human trafficking is a vicious chain that binds victims to criminals. We must break this chain with the force of human solidarity,” Mr. Ban urged meeting participants. In this effort, he noted, it is important to listen to the victims. He retold a story from the UN International Labour Organization (ILO) about a young woman who was held and tortured by her employer. When she was released, the woman said she wanted to man prosecuted for what he had done to her.“To achieve justice, we need a strong foundation in the rule of law,” Mr. Ban said. “This demands putting a stop to the corruption that pollutes so many transactions. We have to strengthen judicial systems and help governments earn the trust of their people.”He also noted the need to raise living standards overall through the eight anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the post-2015 development agenda that will continue and improve on the work of the MDGs after the target year is reached.Yury Fedotov, UNODC Executive Director, echoed calls from Mr. Jeremic and Mr. Ban in calling on Member States that have not already joined, to ratify and fully implement the UN protocols and convention, including the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime which marks ten years since in entered into force. He also urged the 39 Member States that still need to ratify the Protocol to do so for universal implementation.Mr. Fedotov praised the UN Global Action for concrete achievements, such as increasing the percentage of countries that have proper legislation to combat human trafficking to 83 per cent from 60 per cent, while the number of countries in Africa and the Middle East with anti-human trafficking legislation has doubled in the past three years. He also noted that a quarter of the countries reporting marked an increase in convictions in recent years. However, more efforts need to be channelled to fight impunity, improve collection of data and analysis, and contribute to the Trust Fund. “Three years ago the Global Plan of Action gave the international community a powerful sense of direction in the fight against human trafficking. We now need to recalibrate our approach,” Mr. Fedotov urged, but stressed that this does not mean throwing away the compass, but simply adjusting the present direction. The General Assembly will also hear from Alyse Nelson, President of Vital Voices Global Partnership, and Mira Sorvino, UN Goodwill Ambassador Against-Human Trafficking and advocate for the UN’s Blue Heart campaign again human trafficking.Later today, participants will meet in a high-level panel to discuss relevant legal instruments and effective partnerships to protect and assist victims of human trafficking, and another to discuss best practices and lessons learned from prevention and prosecution in the implementation of the Global Plan of Action. UN’s efforts to end human trafficking are supported by the UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) which works with governments, business, academia, civil society and the media. It is comprised of UNODC, ILO, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the UN-partnering International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). read more

Ohio State mens basketball searching for consistency against Michigan

OSU coach Thad Matta talks with freshman guard D’Angelo Russell (0) during an exhibition game against Walsh on Nov. 9 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won, 77-37.Credit: Patrick Kalista / Lantern photographerFollowing a shaky start to Big Ten play, the Ohio State men’s basketball team is looking for some semblance of consistency.The Buckeyes (13-4) dropped to 2-2 against conference foes and out of the Associated Press top 25 following a 69-66 loss on the road against Indiana on Saturday.Senior forward Sam Thompson said the film from that loss “wasn’t the easiest to watch.”“We saw a lot of mistakes that were avoidable, that we shouldn’t have made, that we could’ve alleviated simply by playing harder,” he said. “You never want to see those.”OSU coach Thad Matta said a key to help the team find more consistency could be getting guard D’Angelo Russell to reach a more consistent level. The freshman leads the Buckeyes with 17.9 points per game this season, but shot just 3-of-15 en route to 13 points Saturday.“I think there are going to be some ups and downs for him. I’ve said this, there’s nobody that cares more than he does about his play,” Matta said. “We’ve got to get him just being consistent, trusting what we’re doing, because he has shown he can score throughout the offense.”Despite the poor shooting performance from Russell and the rest of the team, including a 3-for-21 line from the outside, Thompson insisted the shortage of energy is what really concerned him.However, the Chicago native said he couldn’t give an explanation for why the energy was absent on Saturday.“I can’t put a finger on it. I don’t exactly know why,” Thompson said. “Outside the first four minutes, we didn’t have the same energy, the same intensity that Indiana had, and consequently they got the win.“If we knew (what the problem was), we’d fix it. But that’s something we will have fixed. I assure you it won’t be an issue tomorrow, and it’s just something we have to take one game at a time, one day at a time.”The next game that will allow his team that opportunity is set to come Tuesday night at home against Michigan (10-6, 3-1).Thompson said he expects the Wolverines to bring a similar threat from the outside to the one experienced over the weekend.“They’re similar (to Indiana) in the sense that they’ve got guys that can make plays from the perimeter,” he said. “They’re quick, they’re fast, they’re athletic.”Matta said Michigan is at its best when it is able to push the ball down the floor, something the Buckeyes will have to slow down.“I think that they’re obviously a very good shooting basketball team,” he said. “They’re going to run their system. We’ve got to take away their transition baskets. They’re very good in transition. They’re going to get some, but we’ve got to limit it.”With the Maize and Blue on defense, Matta said he has stressed to his players to use the shot clock and wait for a good look.“Offensively, just recognizing the changing defenses and moving the basketball, being patient to get the shot that we deem is the best shot possible,” he said.OSU has dropped three consecutive meetings with its archrival, including losses at home and in the semi-finals of the Big Ten Tournament last season.Thompson said those negative results against Michigan have been a point of emphasis leading up to the schools’ first of two regular season matchups this season.“It’s definitely been on the minds of the seniors,” he said. “You never want to lose to the team up north, you definitely never want to lose to them at home, so we’re going to take care of that, we’re going to do everything in our power to prepare for them and come out and take care of business.”Thompson cited “little stuff” such as closing out halves, second-chance points, rebounds and defensive rotations as details that cost the Buckeyes in last season’s two matchups with Michigan.The Wolverines, who advanced to the Elite 8 in last year’s NCAA Tournament, have won four of their last five games following a four-game losing streak. That streak began with a loss at home against the New Jersey Institute of Technology, who had never faced or beaten a ranked opponent before that game.However, they have turned it on recently, though their three Big Ten wins were against teams with a combined 1-10 conference record.Michigan is led by junior guard Caris LeVert, an All-Big Ten second team selection last season. He currently leads the Wolverines in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals, and is tied for the team lead in blocks.Tip-off against Michigan is set for 7 p.m. at the Schottenstein Center. read more

Womens Hockey No 9 Ohio State drops third straight against Bemidji State

Ohio State junior forward Sara Saekkinen (25) drives the puck down the ice in their game against Minnesota on Jan 26. Credit: Cori Wade | For The LanternIt was the first night of senior weekend for Ohio State, but the evening belonged to Bemidji State and redshirt sophomore goalie Lauren Bench, whose 44 saves allowed a Beavers’ comeback victory in Columbus.Bemidji State women’s hockey (11-16-2, 8-9-2 WCHA) upset No. 9 Ohio State (17-12, 11-10 WCHA) 3-2 on the road Friday night, turning a 2-0 first period deficit into a 3-2 win for its third straight season defeat against the Buckeyes.“They’re similar to us.” Ohio State head coach Nadine Muzerall said. “They grind it out, they play relentless. I don’t know how to break that down philosophically, but they do have our number this year, that’s for sure.”Ohio State dominated the puck for most of the night, putting 46 shots on net, with Bench saving all but two of them.Bench made 22 saves in the third period alone, as Ohio State mounted an urgent offensive front that tried to regain the 2-0 lead they built in the first period on goals from senior forward Madison Field and senior defenseman Lauren Boyle.Junior forward Abby Halluska scored her second goal in as many games against the Buckeyes to put the Beavers on the board and slice the Ohio State lead in half three minutes into the second period.Her breakaway goal off a Buckeye turnover was Halluska’s fifth of the year, and marked a palpable shift in momentum for a Beavers offense that had been outshot 13-5 in the first period and had scored only 54 goals coming into the series.Bemidji State did not let up, as the game-tying strike was provided by Bemidji State sophomore forward Lydia Passolt eight minutes into the second, which took the air out of the Friday night Buckeyes home crowd.Much like their last meeting on Nov. 10, which also saw goals from Halluska and Field, the Beavers and Buckeyes entered the game’s final period knotted at two apiece. Bemidji State completed the comeback with a long-range slap shot that snuck past Ohio State sophomore goalie Lynsey Wallace for her sixth goal of the season, giving the Beavers a 3-2 lead three minutes into the third period.Wallace replaced freshman goalie Andrea Branedli, who Muzerall said is participating in an international tournament with her native Switzerland National Hockey Team. Braendli was named NCAA No. 2 Star of the Week after two straight shutout performances the past weekend at St. Cloud State.Bemidji State was 0-9-1 before getting its first two season wins against the Buckeyes in November, but now claim wins against No. 1 Wisconsin and No. 9 Ohio State in back-to-back weekends.Bench made 27 saves in the Beavers’ upset against Wisconsin this past Friday, which Muzerall said helped build her confidence, as she entered this series with the second-lowest save percentage in the WCHA at .914.Ohio State has lost three straight against Bemidji State, despite outshooting them 119-78, which Ohio State redshirt junior Jincy Dunne said is becoming indicative of the Buckeyes’ shortcomings on offense.“That seems to be a common theme in a lot of our losses we’ve had,” Dunne said. “We’ve just got to find a way to get the puck in the net.”Dunne added that the festivities of Saturday’s senior night may add some fuel on the fire for the Buckeyes.“I think it will be more emotional just because we love our seniors,” Dunne said. “Especially because this could potentially be our last home game. We don’t know yet.”Bemidji State will hope to make it four in a row against the Buckeyes on Saturday night with a season sweep. If it wins, it would be Ohio State’s seventh loss in nine games.The Buckeyes are facing a must-win situation, as they stand at No. 9 and would likely drop from the polls with another loss, which would keep them out of the eight-team NCAA Tournament. read more

Martin ONeill would be a good choice Roy Keane on the Ireland

first_imgROY KEANE HAS expressed his view that Martin O’Neill would be an intelligent appointment by the FAI as they continue to search for a manager to take over the Ireland job.While the Corkman was coy about his own chances, he was happy to highlight O’Neill’s credentials for the role. Keane also said he was encouraged by the FAI’s refusal to rush into hiring a new man after Giovanni Trapattoni’s departure just over two weeks ago.Speaking to FM104 at the Mayfield East Community Awards last night, the former Man Utd midfielder said:Martin O’Neill would be a good choice as the Republic of Ireland manager. I know a little bit about Martin, I think he would be a very good choice. I think the FAI have done the right thing in stepping back and taking a look at what is out there but I think Martin would be a very good choice, a good guy for the job.”Keane went on to say he had not given a lot of thought to the possibility of being approached about taking control of the Irish team, stating that he had “more important things to be worrying about.”The FAI continue to assess the various candidates, with Noel King appointed as caretaker manager in the meantime.Audio courtesy of FM104.VIDEO: A super counter-attacking team goal from St Pat’s last night5 things to look out for in this weekend’s Airtricity League gameslast_img read more

Soul legend Bobby Womack dies aged 70

first_imgBobby Womack, a colorful and highly influential R&B singer-songwriter who influenced artists from the Rolling Stones to Damon Albarn, has died. He was 70.Womack’s publicist Sonya Kolowrat said that the singer had died, but she could provide no other details.With an incomparable voice few could match, Womack was a stirring singer and guitarist in his own right and a powerful songwriter whose hits like “Across 110th Street,” ”If You Think You’re Lonely Now” and “I Wish He Didn’t Trust Me So Much” captured the imagination of future stars in rock ‘n’ roll and R&B.“He had a style that nobody else could ever capture,” longtime friend, gospel singer Candi Staton, said in a statement. “I loved him and I will miss him so, so very much.”Womack’s death comes as something of a surprise. Though he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease two years ago and overcame addiction and multiple health issues, including prostate and colon cancer, recently, he seemed in good health and spirits when he performed earlier this month at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. Source: is50/YouTubeHe told the BBC in 2013 the Alzheimer’s diagnosis came after he began having difficulty remembering his songs and the names of people he had worked with.And there have been many. The soul singer cut a wide path through the music business as a performer and songwriter in a career that spanned seven decades. Womack was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009, long after he’d lost his fortune and his career to addiction.He spoke of kicking his substance abuse problems in a 2012 interview with The Associated Press and all the friends he’d lost to drugs over the years.“I think the biggest move for me was to get away from the drug scene,” Womack said. “It wasn’t easy. It was hard because everybody I knew did drugs. … They didn’t know when to turn it off. So for me looking at Wilson Pickett, close friends of mine, Sly Stone, Jim Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and I can go on and on and on, and I say all of them died because of drugs.”According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website, Womack was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and sang gospel music at a young age, performing with his brothers in The Womack Brothers. Under the influence of gospel and R&B legend Sam Cooke, who signed the group to his personal label, Womack moved into secular music. In the early 1960s his group recorded “It’s All Over Now,” which was covered and by the Stones and became the band’s first number-one hit.His songs have been recorded by multiple artists, and he played as a session musician in Memphis in the 1960s.Albarn and XL Recordings president Richard Russell helped Womack regain his career with 2012 comeback album “The Bravest Man in the Universe.” The album was a departure for Womack, full of electronic music and beats. But it was lauded by critics for a simple reason: That distinctive voice of his still brought chills.“I don’t think he ever really thought that he would do anything again,” Albarn said of Womack in March. “Watching his rehabilitation and watching his ability to confront new material and new challenges was nothing short of miraculous at the time, and he still today continues to battle his demons and his illness. But he’s a beautiful person and when he opens his mouth and that voice comes out, it is something that is somehow touched by God.”Read: ‘Don’t drink and swim’ warning for beach-party festival fanslast_img read more

Un astéroïde passera proche de la Terre le 8 novembre

first_imgUn astéroïde passera proche de la Terre le 8 novembreMardi 8 novembre 2011, à 23H28 précises heure française, un astéroïde connu sous le nom de 2005 YU55 “frôlera” la Terre à près de 325.000 kilomètres de distance. Ceci sera le plus proche passage de l’astéroïde géocroiseur pour le siècle à venir.  Un tel évènement n’était pas arrivé depuis 1976 et ne se reproduira pas avant 2028. La semaine dernière, la NASA a annoncé qu’elle se préparait à un phénomène de taille qui se produira dans moins d’un mois. En effet le 8 novembre prochain, un astéroïde connu sous le nom de 2005 YU55 et mesurant 400 mètres de diamètre passera à proximité de la Terre à une distance de 325.000 kilomètres. Soit une distance inférieure à celle existant en moyenne entre notre Planète et la Lune. Cela fait ainsi près de 45 ans qu’un objet aussi gros n’avait pas “frôlé” à ce point la Terre, passage qui sera le plus proche pour le siècle à venir.À lire aussiSpaceX : un satellite d’Elon Musk manque d’entrer en collision avec un satellite de l’ESAL’astéroïde géocroiseur 2005 YU55 figure en cinquième position dans la liste des objets potentiellement dangereux ayant des rencontres proches avec notre Planète, d’après l’Institut de Mécanique céleste et de Calcul des éphémérides (IMCCE). Toutefois, les scientifiques de la NASA ont établi avec précision la trajectoire de l’astéroïde et ont exclu tout impact avec la Terre dans les prochains siècles. En revanche, ils comptent bien profiter de ce passage inédit pour étudier davantage l’énorme rocher, tandis qu’ils ignorent encore beaucoup de choses sur ses caractéristiques. Ainsi, dès le 4 novembre, la massive antenne de 70 kilomètres du Deep Space Network scrutera l’espace pendant deux heures pour repérer et suivre l’astéroïde. Puis, du 6 au 10 novembre, ce sera au tour du système Goldstone de suivre quatre heures par jour l’objet, tandis que des observations radar seront également réalisées depuis le Arecibo Planetary Radar Facility de Porto Rico à partir du 8 novembre. Ces différentes observations permettront de collecter des données et des images qui, la NASA l’espère, révèleront de nombreux détails sur le gros astéroïde. Par contre, la tâche s’avèrera plus compliquée pour les astronomes amateurs qui voudront observer l’objet passer. Malgré sa magnitude apparente de 11 (mesure de l’éclairement énergétique), 2005 YU55 ne sera pas visible à l’oeil nu et nécessitera un télescope d’une ouverture minimum de 15 centimètres, d’après le communiqué de la NASA (lien non disponible).  Le 31 octobre 2011 à 16:57 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Une nouvelle carte de la Lune dune résolution encore jamais atteinte

first_imgUne nouvelle carte de la Lune d’une résolution encore jamais atteinteA partir des données fournies par la sonde Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), une équipe de la NASA est parvenue à réaliser une carte topographique de la Lune atteignant une résolution encore jamais atteinte jusqu’ici. Bien que la Lune soit le corps céleste le plus proche de notre planète, les connaissances sur sa morphologie sont encore limitées. Malgré les nombreuses observations et plusieurs missions, le satellite garde ainsi une grande partie de mystère et aucune carte topographique de haute résolution n’avait pu être réalisée, du moins jusqu’ici. En effet, une équipe de la NASA est parvenue à décrire avec précision la forme et les reliefs de la Lune grâce aux données fournies par les instruments du Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) et celui du Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA). À lire aussiSpaceX : un satellite d’Elon Musk manque d’entrer en collision avec un satellite de l’ESA”Notre nouvelle vue topographique de la Lune fournit l’ensemble de données que les scientifiques lunaires attendaient depuis l’ère Apollo”, indique dans un communiqué de la NASA Mark Robinson, principal investigateur du Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) à l’université d’Arizona. Il ajoute : “nous pouvons désormais déterminer les pentes de tous les reliefs géologiques majeurs de la Lune à une échelle de 100 mètres. Déterminer comment la croûte s’est déformée, mieux comprendre l’impact de la mécanique des cratères, enquêter sur la nature des évènements volcaniques et mieux planifier de futures missions robotiques et humaines vers la Lune”.  Toutefois, la nouvelle carte ne montre pas le satellite dans son intégralité. La carte couvre une surface qui s’étend d’une latitude de 79 degrés nord à 79 degrés sud, ce qui correspond à 98,2% de la Lune. A cause d’ombres persistantes à proximité des pôles, il n’a en effet pas été possible de créer une carte complète aux latitudes les plus élevées. “Collecter les données et créer une nouvelle carte topographique a été un énorme effort collaboratif entre le projet LRO, l’équipe du LOLA et l’équipe du LROC à l’ASU et en Allemagne au DLR. Je n’aurais pas pu être plus satisfait de la qualité de la carte, c’est phénoménal ! La richesse des détails devrait inspirer les géologues lunaires à travers le monde pour les années à venir”, s’est réjoui Mark Robinson. Le 20 novembre 2011 à 11:38 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Serve This Weird Glitter Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner

first_img PewDiePie Pulls $50,000 Pledge to Anti-Hate Group After Fan BacklashPolice Arrest Dutch YouTubers for Trespassing Area 51 Site Stay on target Thanksgiving meals can get repetitive, so why not delight your guests with a ‘glitter turkey’ this year?Before you question your culinary skills, listen up: Reynolds Wrap just released the ultimate edible glitter turkey recipe, and it puts “millennial” cooking to shame.The secret sauce behind the bird’s sun-kissed glow? Gum-Tex Tylose powder, liquid pearl dust, and food coloring. The heavenly mixture gives turkeys a glittery appearance. The best part? All the ingredients are available at your local craft store and they’re safe to eat. You can watch the cooking tutorial below to create your ‘illuminated’ Thanksgiving dish:If you’re not feeling the ‘edible glitter’ vibe, no worries. Reynolds Wrap also offers many other wacky turkey recipes for soda enthusiasts and snack mavens. Check out their Mountain Dew Turkey recipe and their Cheetos Turkey recipe for more Thanksgiving cooking inspiration. Your guests might love (or slightly despise) you for changing their taste buds on the big day.We’ve got the food covered… can you guys bring the @MountainDew?— Reynolds Wrap (@ReynoldsWrap) November 20, 2018Read more on Wednesday: A Look at Competitive Dog Grooming’s Strange Industry WTF? Wednesday: Wacky International Banana Museum Exists for Fruit FanaticsWTF? Wednesday: Bizarre Rainbow Teeth Trend Goes Viral on Instagramlast_img read more

Robot Successfully Delivers Coral Babies to Great Barrier Reef

first_img Call the drone midwife: A robot successfully delivered coral larvae directly onto the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.In a world first, an undersea android dispersed microscopic baby corals as part of a project to to help repopulate parts of the 1,429-mile ecosystem.The initiative builds on Southern Cross University professor Peter Harrison’s larval reseeding technique, piloted on the southern Great Barrier Reef in 2016 and 2017.“This year represents a big step up for our larval restoration research,” Harrison said in a statement.“[It is] the first time we’ve been able to capture coral spawn on a bigger scale using large floating spawn catchers, then rearing them into tiny coral larvae in our specially constructed larval pools and settling them on damaged reef areas,” he explained.Birthing partner Matthew Dunbabin, a professor at Queensland University of Technology, re-engineered QUT’s reef protector RangerBot into LarvalBot—specifically for Harrison’s project.With a capacity to carry around 100,000 coral larvae per mission (and plans to scale up to millions), the robot gently releases the tots onto damaged reef areas, allowing them to settle and, eventually, develop into coral polyps.“During this year’s trial, the robot was tethered so it could be monitored precisely,” Dunbabin said. “But future missions will see it operate alone and on a much larger scale.”It’s like spreading fertilizer on your lawn,” he added.Following this year’s initial trial, the pair plan to fully implement their proposal in 2019, using their specialized robot elsewhere in Australia, and around the world.“With further research and refinement, this technique has enormous potential to operate across large areas of reef and multiple sites in a way that hasn’t previously been possible,” Harrison said. “We’ll be closely monitoring the progress of settled baby corals over coming months and working to refine both the technology and the technique to scale up further in 2019.”More on Is Testing ‘Flippy’ the Robot Fry CookJimmy Fallon, Sophia the Robot Make Oddly Beautiful Music TogetherIntel Falcon 8+ Drones Find New Calling as Bridge Inspectors Evan Rachel Wood Just As Disturbed by Humanoid Sophia As Everyone ElseMIT’s Thread-Like Robot Slides Through Blood Vessels In the Brain Stay on targetlast_img read more

Uptownarea 7Eleven fire blocks Fourth Plain Blvd none hurt

first_imgA fire at an Uptown-area 7-Eleven blocked traffic at Main Street and Fourth Plain Boulevard Wednesday evening. No one was hurt.Firefighters were called to the convenience store, at 102 W. Fourth Plain Blvd., shortly after 6:30 p.m.Vancouver Fire Department spokesman Pete Adams said multiple callers reported the fire, and an employee said the chip aisle was on fire.By the time they arrived, the fire had burst through two front windows, Adams said. The firefighters worked to control the flames from the outside, and once the fire died down some, they moved inside and extinguished the flames. It took the 28 firefighters on scene about 25 minutes to get the fire under control, he said.Everyone inside got out safely, Adams said, and no one was hurt.“Traffic became the biggest concern for us,” he said, with the early evening traffic in the middle of one of Vancouver’s busier areas.The response closed a couple blocks of Fourth Plain for a few hours as firefighters completed their work and fire investigators examined the wreckage.last_img read more

Lessons from an Entrepreneurial Editor

first_imgWhile the initial show was a success, Kirkpatrick had to reassess the model going forward. “We had five equal partners and the decision-making process was structured on a consensus basis,” he says. “The democratic model doesn’t really work.”Kirkpatrick said he’s been approached by number of media companies seeking partnerships (and one interested in acquiring Techonomy). Last month, Forbes Media struck a strategic partnership with Techonomy, taking a minority investment in the venture. The partnership with Forbes includes media sponsorship of the Techonomy 2011 conference. Other partners in Techonomy Media today include former Fortune publisher Mike Federle, and Simone Ross, former program director for Fortune’s conference division. Going forward, Kirkpatrick wants to create more conferences for additional verticals and bolster the content side of the business (with help from Forbes), with a mix of blogs, video and other channels. For Kirkpatrick, one of the most impressive tech content models out there is IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative, which offers articles, rich media, data reports and more across a variety of sectors. “For content to be successful it has to be well-created (if it’s video, it has to be well-produced),” says Kirkpatrick. “You need to think about what’s useful, what’s most likely to be picked up. It’s not just about producing the best content anymore but producing things that will be repurposed.” In 2010, former Fortune editor David Kirkpatrick teamed up with other ex-Fortune colleagues to form Techonomy, a new media business aimed at convincing leaders from all sectors that technological and social invention is critical.“I’ve been a wage slave at larger media companies and the journalists who don’t have one of the very few high-paying editorial jobs have to be entrepreneurs,” he says. “For people in journalism today, it shouldn’t be, ‘how do I get a job,’ it’s ‘how do I create a business.’”Kirkpatrick actually owned the Techonomy URL for 15 years before launch (he acquired it from an acquaintance whose business folded).  The original vision for Techonomy was a hybrid of original reporting, opinion, aggregated content and contributed long form journalism, as well as a combination of publishing, teaching, consulting and partnerships. The startup’s debut conference took place in August 2010 featuring speakers such as Bill Gates and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.Live Events Key To Profitable launch A successful live event can be the building block for an editorial venture. “Look at some of the startups out there—Technorati, paidContent, GigaOM—all started as blogs and became very successful but they initially weren’t highly profitable because it’s hard to support quality digital journalism with digital advertising,” says Kirkpatrick. “It wasn’t until they added a conference component that they became profitable. Conferences are a good business. They can be profitable from the start with minimal capital investment.” The second Techonomy conference will take place Nov. 13-15.last_img read more